Color: red
Year of production: 2016
Prize: 15.00 euros
Annual production: 20.000 bottles
Denomination: IGT
Aging: 10 months in barrique
Grapes: 50 % Sangiovese, 50 % Cabernet Franc

The Drago e la Fornace winery is characterized by the constant research of local wines which are appreciated all over the world thanks to their history and tradition and their characteristic complexity.
The packaging, one of the strengths of this winery, is a strong message for the final consumer, who is driven in the choice more and more by the visual impact.
“concalma” (“with calm”) 2016 is a wine with a perfect name: it reflects the Sangiovese soul, a grape needing a long time of aging to express its best. In this wine Sangiovese marries the Cabernet Franc, excellent and prestigious protagonist of the international soul of this wine.
The nose reminds for its variety of aromas the atmosphere of an ancient Tuscan village in autumn. Well balanced and rich in aromas, never tiring for its simple complexity: flowers and fruit, and then kentucky tobacco and liquorice. In the mouth the wine is well structured with a little acidity which gives harmony to its mineral note in a soft and long final.
“concalma” is a full body red wine, so it can be paired with meat dishes, but the perfect pairing can be understood at the first sensory impact, and then “with calm” you can decide the perfect recipe harmony.

Company Profile
Il Drago e la Fornace is a winery located in Tuscany in the heart of the Chianti Senese area, in Colle di Val d’Elsa. It has its roots in a village surrounded by nature ” la Fornace” which includes thirty hectares of red and white vineyards.
Our company produces the main Tuscan denominations of red and white wines (from Brunello to Bolgheri, from Vernaccia to Morellino, and of course all the Chianti wines), with particular attention to Sangiovese-based varieties, the main grape of our territory. To complete this range, we also have a line of Venetian sparkling wines and one of wines from Campania and Sicily.
Our wines combine the high quality of the product with the design of the label, turning each bottle into an exclusive piece, able to capture the customer’s attention.
Il Drago e la Fornace (supported by the label design studio Valentina Cresti & Associati) carefully takes care of the aesthetics of his wines, creating illustrated labels specifically designed for all the bottles. Our Vermentino Giallo Paglia won the prestigious “Label of the Year” award at Vinitaly 2017, thanks to its graphic and strategic image.

Il Drago e la Fornace