Year: 2007
Price: 23,00 Euro (ex winery, VAT included)
Yearly production: 7.000 (bottles)
Ageing: Large barrels
Designation: DOC
Grapes (%): Picolit 50%, Verduzzo 50%

The Picolit is one of the greatest and most renowned grape of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. It produces extremely original and elegant sweet wines. What we have here is a blend with another famous vineyard from the same region, the Verduzzo. The result is a wine which perfectly combines sweetness and freshness. The color is a fascinating, very intense and bright amber yellow. The bouquet completely won us over, thanks to a mix of warm and fresh hints. It has immediate acacia honey aromas, followed by dates, citrus fruits (candied oranges) and yellow fruits (such as apricots and melons). The finish has elegant nuts (especially almonds) overtones. The palate is harmonious, richly but pleasantly sweet and with an interesting persistence. We paired it with dry pastries, as delicious as the wine.


La Viarte was founded in 1973: 41 hectares of beauty in the heart of Oriental Hills of Friuli. It’s the beginning of a vineyard which set in its name the join between the past and the future. La Viarte in our language Friuliano, means Spring. Based on autochthonous varieties, our wines are a top finest quality because we have a really true passion for the nature. The passion we commit every day in our wines is the consequence of sharing a common project made by people and wine. Created in compliance , feeded in an hard, harsh, difficult territory but at the same time capable of great satisfactions.

Via Novacuzzo, 51
33040 Prepoto
Udine – Friuli-Venezia Giulia
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Fax +39 0432 753354