Marcato winery has an undoubted merit, it was the first to produce sparkling Durello with the classic method, and it was among the first companies to convey this extraordinary sparkling wine made from native grapes. Moreover, Marcato was also the first winery of Durello to focus on long aging on the lees, up to 10 years. Pioneer then of quality sparkling wines, Marcato is also promoter of a new course of Soave and of structured red wines of Colli Berici.


It�s a classic method wine. Amazing for its structure and elegance. It shows the potential of a vine that is able to give life to sparkling wines at the same level of the most celebrated Italian and French ones. Three years on the lees give it that characteristic hint of bread crust, and in the mouth, however, gives way to a surprising and well balanced minerality. Medium structure, the nose has a hint of flowers and white peach. It should be drunk in the year of selling, but if well preserved it evolves even within two years. Excellent as an aperitif and with oysters.

Wine: Sparkling – Year: 2010
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 14,00 Euro
Yearly production (bottles): 40.000
Ageing: Permanence on yeast for 3 years
Designation: DOC
Grapes (%): Durella 85%, Chardonnay 10%, Pinot Nero 5%