Color: white
Year of production: 2017
Price: 7.00 euros
Annual production: 3,500 bottles
Denomination: igt colli trevigiani
Aging: 8 months in steel and 12 months in bottle
Grapes: 100% Glera

Going to meet Da Ros family, owner of the winery Masòt, means taking a journey that opens the view meter by meter to the historical wine culture of Veneto region’s foothills. The winery Masòt is a concentrate of authenticity told in a natural way by the members of the family, which have a perfect corporate pay off: “wine fairy tales”. This sentence probably contains all the knowledge handed down by the grandfather Arturo, a person who has given that balanced and forward-looking character that you can see still today in the eyes of the members of the family.
In particular, we found this knowledge in the sparkling wine “colfondo”, a traditional product with a very modern look that makes it perfect to the demands of a modern market and customers, increasingly attentive to the care and wholesomeness of the products.
Vine-growing is organic and the wine making in the cellar is very precise and meticulous to preserve all the fragrance of this winery’s emblem, the “colfondo” sparkling wine.
The 100% Glera grapes are picked in a perfect moment of maturation to make sparkling wine. The result is freshness and harmony thanks to the good balance between sugars and acidity that Andrea Da Ros, head of the oenological area, has managed to obtain.
A glass of wine with a good olfactory complexity to the nose, with a light foam and a very fine perlage. Good entry into the mouth that fills the palate in a delicate way and with a structured body. The finish is very long and pleasant, as pleasant is the cleanliness that leaves the palate.
This sparkling wine is perfectly paired with stuffed pasta or with game sauces, but also with fried fish.

Company Profile
Sarmede, the fairy-tale town which hosts the famous International Exhibition of Illustrations for Children every year, is a collection of sprawling hamlets and stone houses lying on the slopes of the Cansiglio forest, to the north of Conegliano, and nestled between the hills and the Prealps. This area, with its meadows, woodland and vineyards, has always been home to the Da Ros family and it is here, on the family’s land, that Andrea and Daniele Da Ros decided to set up their winemaking and vine-growing business “Masot Fiabe di vino” in 2009, investing everything their grandfather Arturo had taught them and everything they had learnt at the prestigious “Cerletti” school of oenology in Conegliano. Andrea and Daniele decided to honour the bond with the family tradition by choosing an emblematic and symbolic name for their business: “masot”, which means “small landowner”. This was actually the nickname used for many years for the Da Ros family, whose cornerstones are their love for the land and their respect for its pace of life.

Via Palú, 19 – 31026 Sàrmede TV
+39 340 5435192