Raboso Piave Doc 2015

Wine: Red
Year: 2015
Price: 9.50 €
Annual Production: 12.800 bottles
Designation: Piave DOC
Aging: 60% in barriques and the remaining in slavonian oak barrels of 30hl for minimum 12 months
Grapes: Raboso Piave 100%

There are wines that are strongly tied to some producers who, first or before others, have realized their extraordinary potentials and have had the courage, the foresight and the ability to give them out.
An excelent example in this direction is represented by Raboso who has found in the company Cecchetto di Tezze di Piave (Treviso) not only an excellent interpreter but also a sort of wine ambassador all over the world.
In the mid-1980s Giorgio Cecchetto, picked up the witness from his father and began to make clear what wine could be obtained from a vine, defined “poor”. Giorgio has been able to give concrete evidence of this wine’s potential, which has found an ideal habitat in the valley of Treviso, crossed by Piave river.
And year after year, Cecchetto’s Raboso del Piave wine demonstrates to be exuberant, powerful but at the same time, thanks to Giorgio’s hand, also of unexpected elegance.
We liked the 2015 vintage with its explosion of red fruits, especially marasca, but also berries such as blackberry and currant. Spicy notes of cloves and tobacco are also evident. In the mouth you can taste the power, the tannic structure, but always “controlled” by a careful wood refinement (60% in barriques and the remaining in Slavonian oak barrels of 30 hl for minimum12 months). Extraordinary persistence and drinkability are the best features of this Raboso.
We paired it with a simple but tasty beef stew with baked potatoes and it was a superb match.


Giorgio Cecchetto was born and raised in a family of farmers with long experience in vine growing in the Piave area where the Piave Raboso variety has been grown for over 500 years, at short distance from the renowned Conegliano oenological school: these factors have marked his life. He started to grow vines and make wine following his father’s example, but in 1986 he felt he needed to move away from that track and had to face a new challenge. The family business had to grow bigger, and Giorgio wanted Raboso, a wine that is a landmark in his region, to be known and appreciated outside the boundaries of its area of origin. Such important legacy must be protected and handed over undamaged to future generations, and such awareness urges him to respect the soil, water and plants of this land through the careful use of pruning techniques and low-input treatments.

Via Piave, 67 – Tezze di Piave (TV) Tezze di Piave,
TV 31028 IT
+39 0438 28598