Savuto Superiore doc 2012

Wine: Savuto Superiore Red
Year: 2012
Price (ex winery): 22€
Annual production (bottles) : 3500/5000
Aging: 22/24 months in French oak and then 12 months in bottle. 
Designation: DOC
Grapes (%): Magliocco Dolce 80% (Arvino) ,Greco Nero 20%.

Antiche Vigne, Gianfranco Pironti’s winery was founded 10 years ago, but it’s been enough time for this young entrepreneur to prove the value and the vocation of its territory. We are in the heart of Savuto Valley (that is the reason of the name of this small appellation), in our opinion one of the most interesting and qualitative terroirs of Calabria.
From the very beginning, the company invested in enhancing the characteristics of each vineyard (from Vigna Carito at 500 mamsl in the municipality of Altilia to Vigna Colle Pietà that with its 800 mamsl towers above the municipality of Carpanzano).
They are mostly old vineyards of Magliocco and Greco Nero grapes, the core of Savuto DOC. Among this appellation producers, Pironti is becoming one of the most influential ones.
We truly enjoyed Savuto Superiore 2012. The nose is very complex, notes of red fruits, cherry and plum, but also blackberry; intense spicy notes of pink pepper and vanilla, and earthy notes as well. The complexity mirrors the efforts in the cellar, especially regarding the aging in wood (for this one, 2 years aging in French oak barrels and 8 months in bottle). At the palate, tannins are balanced by the wood that makes this wine smoother and more enjoyable, with final long notes of fruits.
We paired it with one of the most delicious braised beef we’ve had in a while and that was a perfect choice.


“Antiche Vigne” is a small wine company in the heart of the ancient Savuto valley in Calabria, southern Italy or as the Greeks Enotria-a land once called it where vines grow and wine is produced. Since the beginning in 2004, our company goal has always been to focus on producing high quality wines. Company vineyards extend across an area of 14 hectares, located in the districts of Marzi, Altilia and Carpanzano the northern area of the Savuto Valley. In order to maintain the balance of tradition and innovation we have extensively researched both technologies and techniques to produce our wine. As a result we have been able to create a very typical DOC product made from local grapes such as the grape Magliocco dolce, locally known as Arvino, the Greco Nero, the Pecorello, the Mantonico and the Malvasia. These are all the key factors for the quality of our wines processed and produced within our own cellar.

Antiche Vigne di Pironti Gianfranco
Via regina elena 110, 87054 Rogliano (CS)
Tel: 0984/961818 ; +393208194246