Brunello di Montalcino

Color: red
Year of production: 2010
Price: 59.00 euros
Annual production: <1000 bottles, only in the best years
Denomination: DOCG
Aging: 4 years in large oak barrels
Grapes: 100% Sangiovese

Being able selectors and embedding uncompromising research in their philosophy is the challenge that Scuderia Italia, led by the passionate oenologist Flavio Sartori, offers to the market. The wine tasted today is really the result of a historical area, both for the Italian winemaking nobility and for the charm that derives from it, such as the production area of ​​Brunello di Montalcino.
The Brunello presented at the tasting comes from a vintage that the protection consortium had already rewarded with full marks at the event Benvenuto Brunello, where it had given important signals to all the tasters present: we are talking about the now legendary 2010 vintage.
The Brunello di Montalcino from Scuderia Italia, with almost pastel red tones, presents itself to the nose with a very important balance of wild berries, among all the currants, up to the spices like pepper and cloves, to close with a smoky note of sweet tobacco, from which a slight hint of lavender emerges in the finish.
A “Mediterranean sense of smell” that accompanies a meaty and substantial drink, with a savory imprint and that acidity, combined with minerality, which allows us to think of it as still very long-lived or, indeed, from a collection.
The so elegant tannins offer a softness to the palate that persists in its harmony of aromas that offer a set of rare balance.
A Brunello so complete in its balance that we can match it with dishes that start from barbecued cooking until arriving at stewed red meat game, for a pairing that makes the protagonist himself and the most appreciated guest at the table.
Company Profile
Just as a winning stable selects its champions and raises them with extreme attention, so Scuderia Italia makes a careful choice among the culinary excellences present in and around Italy.The oenologists and experts of Scuderia Italia establish a relationship of close collaboration with the producers, in order to gather under a single brand jewels for the palate that only Italy can boast.
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