Lugana 2017 DOC
Color: white
Year of production: 2017
Price: 17.50 euros
Annual production: 2,000 bottles
Denomination: doc
Aging: 12 months in steel
Grapes: 100% Turbiana

Selecting an excellent Lugana, made from 100% Turbiana grapes, is a feat of great tasters with the gift of a highly trained sense of smell. The breadth of this product and its mineral gait have made it one of the most appreciated Italian white wines for its modernity and authenticity, well-known even in the new and careful international markets.
Scuderia Italia’s Lugana is therefore the meticulous result of research on this vine, which gives its best in mature age, harvested late to mitigate its renowned acidity, thus increasing the harmony given by the white clays and the warm sun that embraces the land in the southern part of Lake Garda.
The character of this Lugana by Scuderia Italia is strengthened in the wine making process by careful cold technology thus allowing the fresh, delicate and at the same time decisive aromas of the Turbiana to be an integral part of this wine.
A bright color with notes of deep gold is what you can admire by pouring this Lugana into the tasting glass. To the nose wide aromas but at the same time all well recognizable in the exotic notes mixed with fresh apricots, aromatic field spices with a floral balanced in its delicacy.
On the palate it wraps in a combination of elegance both the mineral and the typically acidic part of the grape. A pleasant structure and a respectable body immediately bring to the idea of a very long Lugana in the aftertaste and enveloping in the harmonies.
We tasted it accompanied by a risotto with prawns and drops of ginger oil, to then appreciate it again with duck, quince puree and truffle from nearby Monte Baldo, which has always admired and helped with its culinary taste the “Prince wine of Lake Garda”.

Company Profile
Just as a winning stable selects its champions and raises them with extreme attention, so Scuderia Italia makes a careful choice among the culinary excellences present in and around Italy.The oenologists and experts of Scuderia Italia establish a relationship of close collaboration with the producers, in order to gather under a single brand jewels for the palate that only Italy can boast.

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