They first started producing and bottling wine in 1985, not so many years ago, but soon became a benchmark for high quality wine producers in the area of Montalcino. They certainly did it fast and well. Giulio and Mirella Salvioni have been working really hard in their estate La Cerbaiola and the widespread acclaim they enjoyed in Italy and abroad is proportional to their efforts.

The Salvionis succeeded in revealing both the strength and the elegance of Sangiovese grape variety, from which Brunello is sourced. Their son David joined the winery after graduating in Agriculture, and is now responsible for managing the vineyards, whereas his sister Alessia works alongside her father on sales and accounts.

The winery is small – the property covers a total of 4ha – but their wines are great.

Such a high quality is reached through a precise control of the grape maturity, while fully respecting the vineyards, as well as by managing the cellar according to the vintage trend and vinifying in 20hl barrels, never affecting the wine flavors.

Over the years, La Cerbaiola has decided not to increase its production, which is deliberately limited, to focus on the wine excellent quality. Some could claim that Brunello is rather expensive. Of course it is, but where else could you find a Sangiovese wine which is at the same time approachable yet maintaining its typical characteristics and uniqueness?

Their Brunello di Montalcino 2008 has a ruby red color, a complex aroma with layers of roses, geranium, cherries and wild berries, with tobacco and cinnamon overtones. The mouthfeel is not too rustic nor alcoholic. A fresh and round sip reveals hints of raspberries, mulberries and sweet spices. Tannins are present but never in excess.