In the extraordinary landscape of Valpolicella wine production, Tedeschi winery historically plays a very important role and its wines are the best evidence of the incredible quality of this denomination. Tedeschi represents one of the most historic wineries in the Italian production whose roots date back to the far 1630. Today, the winery is in the hands of three brothers, Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo, who are a perfect mix of different skills and attitudes. They best demonstrate which leading position can reach a family company when each component is able to ensure excellent professionalism in the role he/she covers.

In 2006, the family Tedeschi, historically set in the Classical area of Valpolicella (Pedemonte), purchased Maternigo (meaning “mother’s land”), a property located in the eastern area of the denomination, between the municipality of Tregnago and Mezzane di Sotto.
This choice was certainly not random for Tedeschi: it is the result of years of agronomic and geopedologycal research to identify an area with a high wine-production tradition and particularly suitable for the exaltation of the peculiar characteristics of Valpolicella vines, primarily Corvina.
Here, since 2008, 31 hectares have been planted in an area lying between 290 and 480 metres above sea level, with south-east and south-west exposure and soils predominantly calcareous of loamy mold.
From the vineyard characterized by the greater slope (it is no coincidence that it was called Impervio) a cru of Valpolicella Superiore was born, the Maternigo, which in our opinion is one of the most successful of this type. 


Wine: red 
Year: 2014
Price (ex winery): 12,20 euro
Annual production (bottles): up to 20.000 
Aging: overripe grapes on the plant around mid/end October. Maturation in 20/25 hl Slavonian oak casks for 14 months. Bottling and bottle aging for 6 months. 
Designation: DOC
Grapes (%): 40% Corvina, 30% Corvinone, 30% Rondinella
We tasted the Maternigo 2014. It really won us over and in our opinion it represents one of the best Valpolicella Superiore wines, that we tasted in these last years because it is capable of combining an excellent structure with an enviable freshness and drinkability, fleeing those excessive power that too often drift away from elegance and drinkability.
Like all the vineyards of Maternigo also Impervio, located at 400 m above sea level, is conducted in an absolute biological regimen and it is characterized by a soil where both white and yellow marls are present and are known to be ideal for the production of elegant wines and especially of incredible freshness.
The wine is the result of a blend of Corvina (40%), Corvinone (30%) and Rondinella (30%). Harvest takes place in late October after a over-maturation of grapes. The aging is 14 months in Slavonian oak barrels and then it remains for another 6 months in the bottle.
The wine has an elegant flavor of red fruits of the forest, currants above all, but also the typical feeling of cherry and marasca. There are also spicy notes of cloves and vanilla. All in a mineral texture that lets your nose perceive the freshness you find in your mouth. In the mouth, in fact, you get the sensations of freshness, excellent balance and a final of great persistence thanks to those red fruit sensations that come back to you.
We tasted it with an excellent “Fiorentina” and we made an amazing figure with our friends.