Valdo’s history is the history of the Bolla family, which for three generations has represented the great bond with the Valdobbiadene area, made up of culture, entrepreneurship and passion.
We believe this Prosecco Superiore Pradase is the fulcrum of a production and a range of products that today the Valdo brand presents in the national and international markets.
In fact, this vintage embodies a sort of corporate ampelographic heritage of rare identity. Produced with the native qualities of the area, such as glera, verdiso, bianchitta and perera, to obtain the skilful balance in the cellar where it remains to mature for at least 24 months.
Its color has that something intriguing due to its brilliant and mature reflections at the same time, the perlage has an absolute value in its finesse and constancy.
On the nose we found ourselves in front of a true protagonist of character, aromas of fresh cedar, aromatic herbs, fruit at the right degree of ripeness and sweet spicy notes.
Appreciating its breadth, we witness its harmonic concreteness on the palate, where the wine is full and enveloping, leaving the taster with savory notes and a pleasant acidity that recalls drinking. Tenuta Pradase, the reception and research area of the Valdo company, is therefore fully enclosed in this glass, bringing out not only the goodness of the product but the energy donated by those who wanted to demonstrate its territorial and oenological characteristics.
A great aperitif, we believe however that the ideal location for this Prosecco Superiore is in gourmet haute cuisine. We paired it with gallina in saor with sweet and sour onion, raisins and pine nuts and it accompanied us on a journey of rare harmony.

Company Profile

The Valdo company has been passionately producing Prosecco and Spumanti in Valdobbiadene for over 90 years, working to constantly enhance the precious fruits of its land of origin, a geographical area known for its extraordinarily unique wine vocation, which became a Unesco World Heritage Site in July 2019. The story of Valdo is also the story of the Bolla family, which over the course of 3 generations has been able to combine a passion for bubbles with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, leading Prosecco to be recognised and appreciated all over the world. Recent history tells us of the construction of a new plant in Valdobbiadene, to develop new products of excellent quality, and of innovative marketing policies that have enabled Valdo to become the leader of Prosecco Superiore through strong roots in the Valdobbiadene area with a great passion for innovation.

Valdo Spumanti

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