“Stories of vines” is what Mezzacorona has proudly brought to international markets since 1904, telling the story of an Italian corner, where the setting of the Trentino mountain valleys is the master and trusted advisor.

The products of this historic reality are in fact the result of careful and far-sighted cooperation, both in the protection of a unique territory in the world, and in relation to the vineyards which taken care of with authentic passion by the agronomists who carefully experience the development of the different areas and the grapes obtained.

Today’s tasting fully confirmed the qualitative aptitudes of this winery, thanks to the product tasted, a classic method vintage 2018 called Alpe Regis, a Brut obtained exclusively from that Chardonnay which at these latitudes and in these soils manages to express a finesse and a structure of authentic value.

A rare finesse perlagè proudly invades the glass bringing out the typical olfactory notes of Chardonnay, floral and fruity aromas, above all the golden apple and white wild flowers, combined with a hint of unripe peach and very light tropical notes that pairs perfectly with a good crust of fresh bread.

In the mouth it is exclusively elegant as much as elegance can be associated with concreteness and identity, a true and enveloping sparkling wine, the result of that sparkling wine technique which today sees Rotari, the Mezzacorona brand for this wine, a true standard-bearer in the fascinating world and complex of Italian bubbles.

Alpe Regis Brut 2018 is a sparkling wine that can be perfectly paired with any meal, from fried seasonal vegetables as an aperitif for its degreasing power, to stuffed pasta, to finish with a baked guinea-fowl to fully enjoy its proud identity.

A modern sparkling wine and, at the same time, with a precise identity. Interesting for its completeness of aromas and for a general balance that makes it a proud representative of this Mezzacorona’s  line.

Excellent as an aperitif to be enjoyed with finger food with puff pastry and raw ham. It also makes a very good pairing with pasta with vegetables or first and second courses of fish, such as fried paranza or baked sea bass with cherry tomatoes.

Best wishes to this company which with proud stubbornness renews itself every day in order to also be a true protagonist of Lazio’s oenology.

Company Profile

Since 1904 Mezzacorona has cultivated its own vineyards in the valleys of Trentino Alto Adige and produces wines with a unique and authentic character like the territory in which they are born.

Mezzacorona wines are the result of maximum attention to the specific characteristics of the vines and varieties, an expression of the territory and the Trentino alpine environment. They are fragrant and elegant wines, authentic and virtuous like the men who create them, as special as the land from which they come to life. Generations of passionate families have chosen to operate while respecting the environment with sustainable processing techniques, cultivating their own vineyards with integrated production systems, guaranteeing increasingly natural products.

An attentive team of oenologists and agronomists works daily alongside our winemakers, passionately following the entire life cycle of the product, from the vine to the harvest, up to the bottle, putting the most advanced production techniques and equipment at the service of tradition.

Via del Teroldego 1/e – 38016 Mezzacorona (TN)

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