Arione’s brand, which has been expressing a style associated with authentic Italian taste since 1870, offers a well-balanced and harmonic cocktail, their very own version of the legendary “Spritz.”. This Spritz’s contemporary and well-rounded flavor leaves its consumer with a genuine, effervescent pleasantness and a lingering, alluring aftertaste.

Having this drink on hand and being able to enjoy it as an aperitif with friends is undoubtedly beneficial. With a slice of the same fruit, some ice cubes, and its beautiful orange hue, it exudes the perfume of fresh fruit and aromatic herbs while having the classic bitter yet amiably potent flavor. Once again, the Arione company, with its knowledge, enthusiasm, and foresight, introduces an amazing representative of the Italian aperitif which is gaining popularity in worldwide markets.

Arione’s Spritz truly captures the winery’s spirit of development.

Company Profile

Arione S.p.A. is a family business, where values and goals are shared year after year. Reliability, quality, respect for nature, and innovation are our guiding principles: we are convinced that only with respect for today, and our thoughts turned to the future, can we improve the present. Our family owns vineyards in the best Piedmont land – the Langhe and Monferrato. We are very lucky to be producers here, but it’s also a daily challenge: our task is to continue to tell authentic stories about this beautiful land through our wines. Teamwork wins. Because of this, our team is large and well structured in each department, from farming to marketing.

Arione SPA
Via Luigi Bosca 135,
14053 Canelli (AT)
(+39) 0141 823 172

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