Thanks to the power of a highly forward-thinking Team, the connection between history and innovation, curiosity and originality, and the competence of a wine production company established in 1870 results in a range of wines with an exotic and Mediterranean appeal.

The “Mama” product line is made up of four cohesive personalities that are distinct from one another and demonstrate the intelligent work associated with understanding wines that are nicely paired with four distinct fruit essences, from lemon to mango to peach and pomegranate.

Arione draws on its experience in Piemonte’s important vineyards to produce a true variety for a youthful and modern consumer, aiming at that market range with the foresight of people who truly understand the job in the vineyard.

These authentic cocktails in a bottle (also available in tiny cans) go nicely with fruit-based sweets or a hearty fruit salad because their freshness and the proper amount of acidity harmonize with the taste.

In addition to its remarkable potential to be used in mixology, the product line is appreciated as a summer aperitif or at the end of a meal, allowing the creativity to flow, thanks to its delicious flavor.

Company Profile

Arione S.p.A. is a family business, where values and goals are shared year after year. Reliability, quality, respect for nature, and innovation are our guiding principles: we are convinced that only with respect for today, and our thoughts turned to the future, can we improve the present. Our family owns vineyards in the best Piedmont land – the Langhe and Monferrato. We are very lucky to be producers here, but it’s also a daily challenge: our task is to continue to tell authentic stories about this beautiful land through our wines. Teamwork wins. Because of this, our team is large and well structured in each department, from farming to marketing.

Arione SPA
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