The sixth edition of “Back To The Wine,” a showcase for artisanal and natural wines, is scheduled for November 12 and 13, 2023, in Venice.

This event offers a unique chance to embrace wine’s roots, urging a departure from the pursuit of a non-existent objectivity and standardized taste. Instead, it encourages a more authentic experience in harmony with nature.

To delve deeper into the objectives and uniqueness of this fair, we spoke with Andrea Marchetti, Wine Event Manager and curator for Blu Nautilus of Back To The Wine. Marchetti shared insights into the rigorous producer selection and the profound significance of the theme “Return.” Discover how Back To The Wine supports small-scale producers and how Italian craft wine faces market challenges.

Differences and uniqueness compared to similar fairs:

While I hold immense respect for VinNatur and Vini Veri, drawing inspiration from their expertise and organizational abilities, our distinctive features lie in our greater versatility. At Back to the Wine, we welcome established winemakers alongside emerging talents, allowing a broader scope for action and functioning as talent scouts. Additionally, our event encompasses art and creativity in various forms, offering more space and freedom to new talents compared to VinNatur. We strive for an eclectic and artistically significant event beyond wine-focused offerings.

Choosing Venice for Back To The Wine 2023:

Venice holds unparalleled allure for three primary reasons. Firstly, its evocative character as the ‘gateway to the East’ resonates with wine’s origins tracing back to the Middle East. Secondly, Venice presents a thriving market for artisanal wine, attracting historical and contemporary interest in these products. Lastly, being a uniquely captivating city worldwide, Venice serves as an immensely attractive venue for industry operators.

Criteria for selecting producers:

Our criteria revolve around both the agricultural and cellar aspects of wine production. Agricultural criteria emphasize participation by producers practicing organic, preferably biodynamic, methods. In the cellar, minimal intervention processes, avoiding added yeasts and excessive sulfur dioxide, are preferred to allow wine’s natural transformation, spotlighting high-quality raw materials.

The concept of ‘return’ at Back To The Wine:

‘Back to the Wine’ echoes ‘Back to the Future,’ symbolizing a return to wine products deeply rooted in agriculture, emphasizing tradition over competitive metrics. Here, the focus is on informative and narrative engagement rather than competitive scoring. The fair facilitates direct interaction with winemakers, offering insights into their ideas and goals, deviating from standardized sommelier language.

Promoting sustainability and social responsibility:

While we implement small-scale eco-friendly measures like using recyclable materials, our emphasis lies in the inherent social and environmental sustainability of small-scale artisans. We hope larger industry players take cues from these hardworking artisans.

Challenges for artisanal wine producers:

The primary challenge lies in competing with larger-scale companies, facing pricing struggles and shrinking margins due to economies of scale.

Potential export markets:

Currently, North America, Northern Europe, and the East are promising markets. However, future opportunities in China for artisanal wine seem promising.

Evolution and future of Back To The Wine:

Our goal remains to enhance service quality for exhibitors, the public, and industry stakeholders. Learning from past editions and other successful fairs, we aim to further professionalize and improve our offerings.


Date: November 12-13, 2023
Location: Terminal 103 – Marittima Station, 30135 Venice (VE)