This innovative Sicilian company, which has long served as the most creative and excellent bastion for this area of the island, has always had the objective of promoting its location.

This white wine, a Sicilia DOC made with Viognier Cru grown in accordance with the stringent guidelines of organic production, is sourced straight from the Pianetto Estate, a true corner of Sicilian paradise.

Hilly vineyards at 650 meters above sea level provide the grapes for this wine, classified as a true “house reserve”. More importantly, this wine is the result of vision, agronomic understanding, and a high level of property care. At the same time, Baglio di Pianetto is a company whose major goal is to provide high-quality products thanks to its team of expert professionals.

A simple wine with a striking golden colour and lovely and vibrant chromatic contrasts in the glass, Viafrancia expresses the perfection of Viognier picked at the proper maturity. The nose is full of fragrant herbs and white fruit, with a balance and harmony that emphasize the originally faintly discernible vanilla essences.

The delightful elegance on the tongue balances off the grape’s usual sapidity and correct acidity, which then intensifies in the wine’s superb mineral finish.

Pasta and fresh vegetables are the perfect match to Baglio di Pianetto’s Viafrancia, which may then be enhanced with lightly seared tuna or steamed seafood.

Viafrancia’s tasteful delight perfectly embodies the notion of Baglio di Pianetto’s dedication to developing its region.

Company Profile

For more than twenty years, Baglio di Pianetto has been contributing writing some of the most important pages of the Sicilian enology, with an approach to sustainable viticulture that gives rise to wines of high caliber, the offspring of a perfect interaction between the grape varieties and terroirs of the winery’s estates.  From the high hills of the Palermo countryside to the heart of the Val di Noto to Mount Etna, the Marzotto family’s winery, founded by Conte Paolo in 1997, expresses with its labels the three souls of Sicilian viticulture enshrined in a 110-hectare agricultural estate, fully converted to certified organic in 2016. For each context, varieties have been selected to express grapes’ and terroir’s potential at best. In these vineyards, the autochthonous Insolia, Catarratto, Grillo, Nero d’Avola and Frappato are enhanced, as well as international varieties, such as Syrah, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Viognier, planted for the first time in Sicily at the behest of Conte Paolo Marzotto.

Baglio di Pianetto
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