Within the selection of wines and sparkling wines ‘Pra dei Dogi,’ born from the corporate vision of the Vi.V.O. group, owner of the brand, we had the pleasure of tasting the 2022 vintage Merlot Venezia DOC. The production sites of this line adhere to a philosophy focused on all-round sustainability, where agronomic practices merge with a strong environmental, ethical, and cultural commitment. Essentially, this reflects the longstanding respect for the territory that the group has pursued for many years, and this Merlot we tasted today is also the result of significant sustainable quality.

In this area of Italy, the Northeast, Merlot has been an expression of winemaking tradition for many years, and the viticulturists of Pra dei Dogi deeply understand how to preserve its highly distinctive organoleptic characteristics. Listening to winemakers, they always say that Merlot is born early in the morning to bring grapes to the cellar, where they will be processed exclusively in steel, thereby maintaining all the unique characteristics of these vines, now an integral part of the Veneto region.

The Pra dei Dogi Merlot has a particularly intense color with hints of brightness that denote its freshness; it’s a velvety red wine even in the olfactory phase. On the nose, the characteristic notes of berries are combined with herbal hints bordering on minty, but it also boasts rich spices that evolve over time into toasted notes of pepper and chocolate; in this Merlot from Pra dei Dogi, the sour cherry and fresh plum stand out.

On the palate, it’s enveloping and full-bodied, with both good structure and softness, supported by well-defined tannins in their roundness. Pra dei Dogi, with its 2022 Merlot, aimed to bring to international tables a versatile wine with sincere personality. Perfect with homemade tagliatelle and meat ragù, risottos with radicchio or wild mushrooms, it also pairs wonderfully with boiled meats, white or red meats, offering excellent freshness and drinkability in line with the true culinary tradition of this corner of Italy.

A ‘crisp’ wine with a straightforward personality, an excellent companion at the table that will never fail to be pleasantly remembered.

Company Profile

With more than 2,000 producer members and about 6,300 hectares of local and international vineyards, Vi.V.O. Cantine is, in terms of size, the leading wine cooperative of the Eastern Veneto area and the fourth one nationwide. Vi.V.O. Cantine Società Agricola Cooperativa was established in 2012 as a result of the merger between Cantina Produttori Campodipietra and Cantine Produttori Riuniti del Veneto Orientale, and it now includes eight wineries located in Treviso and Venice areas, as well as “Bosco Malera” and “Vi.V.O. Agricola”, wine-making and bottling companies. It is aimed at enhancing the DOC Prosecco, Venezia, Delle Venezie, Piave, Lison Pramaggiore and DOCG Lison and Malanotte Wines, as well as at achieving economies of scale with increasing yields.

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