The wine area of the Pavese is one of the most interesting in national and international terms for the growth and development of many vine varieties and more.
The Riesling is a concrete example that is very supported by local winemakers, among which the Casteggio cellar stands out for experience and continuous research.

The wine we have tasted is a true representative of this winemaking philosophy aimed at obtaining wines of great personality and freshness.

This Riesling is a transversal wine, as its fullness, emerged already from such a warm and enveloping color, premises its olfactory and gustatory values.

In fact, on the nose the correct aromatic intensity is the basis for a never obvious width of fresh flowers and white pulp fruit that harmonize its perfumes. On the palate, very well expressed freshness and minerality give a general vision of elegance and balance. Its use is therefore transversal even in the kitchen, where multiple dishes can bring out its overall qualities.

Cantina di Casteggio therefore brings to the table a true protagonist of this territory that deserves to be visited. The combination that we suggest is on dishes where the sapid part is well interpreted, from fish soups to courtyard ragouts to excellent not too seasoned cheeses.

Company Profile

Cantina di Casteggio has been the flagship for wine growing in the Oltrepò Pavese since 1907. More than one hundred years of history, continuously updated agronomic practices, and the experience of qualified winemakers applied to work at the winery: these are the key points that define the identity of fine wines, where all the hard work in the vineyard pays off.

Terre d’Oltrepò – Cantina di Casteggio
Via Torino, 96, 27045
Casteggio (PV)
+39 0385 51505

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