Cantina di Casteggio, a true institution in the viticulture of Oltrepadana, carries on a tradition intertwined with over a century of history. Strong foundations, continuous updates in agronomic techniques, and the expertise of prominent oenologists work together synergistically to create wines that embody the nobility of the land they originate from.

The Pinot Nero Dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC 2019 from Cantina di Casteggio presents itself as a transparent ruby gem in the glass. The nose is a kaleidoscope of underbrush, with subtle spicy nuances and balsamic hints that captivate the senses. On the palate, its smoothness delivers a persistence that invites savoring each sip with attention and pleasure.

This wine is the result of careful vinification: destemmed grapes fermented in conditioned steel vats, followed by skin maceration, a process that grants the wine its depth and complexity. Ten months of post-fermentation steel aging further bestow character upon this bottle.

Its virtues beautifully pair with cured meats, medium-aged cheeses, and game dishes. We tasted it alongside a herb-crusted pork fillet and were pleasantly impressed.

Awarded with Gold at The Winehunter Award 2023, this Pinot Nero Dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC 2019 from Cantina di Casteggio is an excellence that speaks of mastery and passion poured into each sip. A sensory experience celebrating the richness and variety of a unique territory.

Company Profile

Cantina di Casteggio has been the flagship for wine growing in the Oltrepò Pavese since 1907. More than one hundred years of history, continuously updated agronomic practices, and the experience of qualified winemakers applied to work at the winery: these are the key points that define the identity of fine wines, where all the hard work in the vineyard pays off.

Terre d’Oltrepò – Cantina di Casteggio
Via Torino, 96, 27045
Casteggio (PV)
+39 0385 51505