This Pinot Grigio, “Rusan”, is a true example of wine-making technique and expert knowledge of the vine, once again places Cantina di Casteggio at the top of the Oltrepò Pavese area as a reliable representative both in terms of experience and agronomic management. You really feel the famous terroir in this product, starting from an intriguing and well-developed color in its beautiful, softly rosy nuances.

Oltrepò wines are growing in notoriety and appreciation in the international markets, on this strength Pinot Grigio is already itself at the pinnacle of world knowledge, so we are faced with a coppery version of absolute respect and deserved ambition.

In fact, it is interesting to convey to the consumer the different processing techniques on a grape variety, and also to further appreciate the potential of Pinot Grigio in this case.

The processing is certainly the result of a destemming and consequent maceration on the skins, careful to obtain all its organoleptic and character characteristics.

The Cantina di Casteggio, therefore, also has in its range of products this wine with an almost tropical nose and, at the same time, fresh fruit and spices as well as a personality that is then enhanced on the palate thanks to its finesse, its delicate, elegant and harmonic balance. Sapidity and pleasant acidity are excellent, we tasted this wine with a superb, lukewarm shellfish Catalana to confirm its very well-defined identity.

Company Profile

Cantina di Casteggio is part of Terre d’Oltrepò and has been the flagship for wine growing in the Oltrepò Pavese since 1907. More than one hundred years of history, continuously updated agronomic practices, and the experience of qualified winemakers applied to work at the winery: these are the key points that define the identity of fine wines, where all the hard work in the vineyard pays off.

Terre d’Oltrepò – Cantina di Casteggio
Via Torino, 96, 27045
Casteggio (PV)
+39 0385 51505

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