This Sangue di Giuda DOC (“blood of Judas”) by Cantina di Casteggio was born a long time ago to satisfy also the needs of an international market that prefers lovable or sweet wines, enhanced in this case by the history of the brand that represents them.

Foothill vines such as Croatina, Barbera and Rara grapes testify to the fact that Oltrepò is not only Pinot Nero, but it is an important panorama of varieties that in addition to enriching the territory, represent its perfect completion. In the wine examined, the territorial values create that combination that is particularly expressed with the development of fresh and intriguing sociability both for the foreign consumer but also for the always curious wine tourist.

The red color so deep in bright shades, a color that leads to moments of noble peasant antiquity and invite the nose in the abstract to search for its history and its culture, is really very beautiful.

At the smell it is a real explosion of amplitude of red fruit, sugared almond and fresh, with lively and almost balsamic notes, while on the palate its sparkling part, wraps the mouth with a very soft tannin and balanced by expanding its infinite sweetness.

A historic and at the same time always modern cornerstone for the cellar of Casteggio, the blood of Judas sparkling sweet is a real story of the history of the territory.

We recommend it with a berry tart or alone as a sweet pleasure at the end of the meal.

Company Profile

Cantina di Casteggio has been the flagship for wine growing in the Oltrepò Pavese since 1907. More than one hundred years of history, continuously updated agronomic practices, and the experience of qualified winemakers applied to work at the winery: these are the key points that define the identity of fine wines, where all the hard work in the vineyard pays off.

Terre d’Oltrepò – Cantina di Casteggio
Via Torino, 96, 27045
Casteggio (PV)
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