A location that has always been crucial for the improvement of the famous red wines of Valpolicella is Illasi, right where Cantina di Illasi (member of the CADIS 1898 group) is situated.

It was founded in 1938 and became a limited liability cooperative in 1945, beginning with 15 families; presently, it has 370 members and 1,450 hectares of vines.

The province of Verona contains a group of valleys known as Valpolicella, which extend from the Val d’Adige in the west to the Val D’Alpone in the east and develop in a north-south direction. The Cantina di Illasi is about 20 kilometers east of Verona, and the vines are entirely in the foothills: a perfect environment for high-quality red wines.

Cantina di Illasi’s Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore symbolizes the productive and qualitative core of this reality. Starting with the beautiful ruby red hue of this Ripasso, which is well-defined in the dark note, we go to the nose, where the distinctive vinosity of the grapes utilized gradually softens to a delicate harmonic amplitude.

Red fruit, fresh tobacco, and field spices are just a few of the aromas found in this Ripasso, which then finds the same olfactory harmony in the palate, which is complemented by a good body and a remarkable tannic balance.

He excelled when paired with medium- to high-aged local cheeses, and we appreciated his frankness.

Company Profile

Cantina di Illasi is part of a viticultural area long famed for its production of world-class Valpolicella reds. Founded as early as 1938 as the “Enopolio nell’ambito dei Consorzi Agrari”, a technical name in those days for a wine cooperative, it was re-organised in 1945 by 15 far-sighted member-growers who understood the need and the urgency, from a business point of view, of raising the quality of the wine they were marketing.

Cantina di Illasi
Viale della Vittoria, 128
Soave, VR 37038 IT

+39 045 613 9811

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