Cantina Pizzolato, located in the province of Treviso, offers on the market a white wine from grapes resistant to fungal diseases and with an impactful packaging in the tropical vein of a yellow and green background with bright notes.

The same brilliance is found in its well-defined and complex yellow color. On the nose it is fragrant, with scents of Mediterranean scrub well harmonized by clear hints of white-fleshed fruit that balance the pleasantly intriguing aromas in their breadth.

In the mouth it is harmonious for the sensations experienced on the nose and delicate and elegant in its well-defined minerality and sapidity.

PIWI are grape varieties resistant to fungal diseases, originating from one constant technical and agronomic research but above all from a production philosophy that seeks the ever-less use of treatments in the field for an ever-increasing environmental and territorial quality.

The vinification is the classic white one, which allows to obtain with these vines a modern wine in freshness and complexity.

The pairings we recommend are pasta dishes with seasonal vegetables, seafood and grilled fish or shellfish.

A beautiful example of innovation, from the creation process to the excellently obtained wine, which allows the consumer to go on a real journey (Huakai means journey in Asian etymologies), in a philosophy that will certainly have great success also in international markets.

Company Profile

Five generations of history and traditions, a long commitment of organic production since ‘80s, respecting the genuineness of the wine and the high quality of the grapes, whose certification came in 1991. These are the solid roots to which the Pizzolato family is linked and on which the entire production philosophy of the company is based. Settimo Pizzolato was certainly one of the first winemakers to choose an organic, vegan and sustainable management of the winery, in order to produce wines that meet the expectations of consumers particularly attentive to their health and that are produced with grapes grown in an uncontaminated environment, without the use of chemicals or animal products. The result today is a new winery built in green building, in continuous movement and open to the public and its visitors, who can touch it with their hand through the Bio tours and tastings and the Bike Tour through the organic vineyards. A company whose focus is the continuous research and experimentation, today, of the resistant vineyards towards a 100% sustainable agriculture, beyond the organic world.

La Cantina Pizzolato SRL SB
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Villorba, TV 31020 IT

Tel: +39 0422 928166