There are several tales and old traditions about men and people who have traversed the Italian peninsula over time. Epic stories of love and adventure, driven by the desire to always know and grow. This area has traditionally been associated with Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, the genuine standard bearer of Abruzzo enology, in part because it is produced, like in the case of “Hedòs” from Cantina Tollo, solely from the vine that is by far the most representative: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

This company’s passion and competence made it possible to deliver wines with authentic regional character to the Italian market (and, more importantly, to foreign markets).

A vivid color that exudes energy, with undertones in the glass that reflect the red forest fruit that will be perceived later on the nose.

The nose is quite broad, ranging from late summer flowers to red currants, and it never fails to pique the taster’s interest, leading to the desire to see if these scents can be translated into genuine aromas on the tongue. The broad, rich, and lengthy tongue of this wine confirms its elegance, with strong mineral flavors at the end.

The smoothness and balance of this wine are heightened in seafood dishes like risotto with cuttlefish and thyme oil, a catalana of steamed mussels, and, of course, pizza, one of Italy’s culinary staples. Congratulations to Cantina Tollo: Hedòs is certainly pleasant to the senses, as its translation states.

Company Profile

Cantina Tollo was founded in 1960, when the Abruzzo countryside had depopulated once again and many Italians had left the country in search of a better future. Our fathers on the other hand, winemakers for generations, decided to stay in the vineyards, creating Cantina Tollo. Playing a leading role in the sixties and seventies in an exciting period for winemaking which brought the Abruzzo region to life, Cantina Tollo played an active part in helping to bring about a radical change in the local wine-growing landscape. While there was a fall in production around Teramo and L’Aquila, the areas occupied by vineyards in the Chieti province grew little by little, especially in Tollo, which became a real “City of Wine”.

Cantina Tollo
Via Garibaldi, 68
Tollo, CH 66010 IT
+39 0871 96251

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