Cantina Tollo is a real and solid winery in the Italian panorama. It proudly represents all the characteristics of Abruzzo’s qualitative  winegrowing and it  has been a protagonist of good Italian drinking for years.

Cantina Tollo has got a story telling about men, vines and excellent business management. This important cooperative represents an area that has been dedicated to the cultivation of native and non-native vineyards for a lot of centuries, but with an attentive eye to technology in the cellar and valorisation in the agronomic field.

Maiolica Terre di Chieti PGI is the wine we tasted: it has a beautiful image on the label that is both historical and modern at the same time. Here again we understand the importance of communicating the great history of the territory of origin through the packaging.

The color of this red wine borders on brilliance in a large glass, but the intensity of the ruby nuances is already a harbinger of an overall balance of the wine.

On the nose it expresses a sort of aromaticity, uncommon in red wines, the olfactory sensations are full of almost unripe red fruits but which with the passage of time in the glass open up almost to give aromas of homemade jams accompanied by an excellent floral finesse.

In the mouth it is full and with a round body, the acid part is excellent and the harmonious, persuasive and soft finish is well balanced.

An extremely modern red wine, perfect in pairings with raw food material, from meat carpaccio, rocket and parmesan, to be enhanced even with stewed cuttlefish and chard or with a fish and shellfish broth.

Cantina Tollo once again confirms itself as a dynamic winery attentive to international taste, always maintaining that great Abruzzo heart that has belonged to it for many generations.

Company Profile

Founded in 1960, today Cantina Tollo is one of the most important realities of the Italian wine scene. Backed by sixty years of success, Cantina Tollo pursues a precise strategy: to constantly increase the quality of its wines, which are gaining more and more recognition both in Italy and abroad, paying more and more attention to health, safety and sustainability. Cantina Tollowines are available in Italy, both in large-scale distribution and in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel. Abroad it is present in over 46 countries; Germany, Canada, France, China and Japan represent the main markets, with 95% of sales made on the commercial channel. The Theatine reality is also present in new emerging markets, such as Russia and India.

Cantina Tollo
Via Garibaldi, 68 
Tollo, CH 66010 IT
+39 0871 96251

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