The art of distillation and the knowledge of the raw materials are in Domenis1898’s historic DNA.
In fact, the distillery from Cividale del Friuli has always ennobled and shared to the whole world the exclusivity of this Italian product, made of fresh pomace processed by direct steam which gives birth to the qualitative Grappas of Domenis1898.

The grappa we tasted today is a small twinning with its French cousins and in particular with one of their equally famous distillates: Cognac, which is nor obtained from pomace, but from white wine and mainly in the Charente area north of Bordeaux.

The grappa obtained from skillful steam distillation is destined to become reserve, thanks to the refinement in barrels. This is the exact procedure that Domenis1898 follows as well, using, in this case, barrels that have refined the Cognac and which now age the grappa for at least 18 months.

The passage of oxygen between the staves enriches the grappa in its aromatic part, thanks to the wood that has been in contact with the famous distillate which takes its name from the city of Cognac.

This aging brings into the tasting glass a brilliantly amber grappa – whose color is influenced by the long months in the barrel – and on the nose it offers winy sensations that are typical of the Cognac, but also minerals and of autumnal undergrowth, leaving a persistence and complexity that places this product among the great meditation grappas. On the palate it summarizes every olfactory nuance, closing with very light toasted notes tending towards sweet while maintaining the breadth of spicy and enveloping notes in the mouth.

It is an enriching end to the meal thanks to the complexity of this Domenis1898 reserve grappa.

Company Profile

Combining tradition and innovation, producing spirits and grappas in perfect harmony that are capable of representing the excellence of the Made in Italy around the world.

Via Darnazzacco 30, 33043
Cividale del Friuli, Udine

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