This charming wine cellar with its twenty hectares of vineyards is a true jewel of Monferrato quality, both in the wines produced and in the exquisite and enveloping welcome it gives.
In the wine tasted, Mila, dedicated to the famous designer Mila Schön – mother of Giorgio Schon – we fully appreciate the value of the range proposed by this important winery.

Two well-defined grape varieties already produced, the Viognier fermented in steel, blends nicely with the structure of the Chardonnay fermented and aged in barrique, allowing those who taste it to imagine the texture of the harmonious complexity and elegance to which it refers.
The structured yellow color with golden hints and its brilliant nuances makes room in the glass for an olfactory breadth of rare balance. Notes of ripe exotic fruit, sweet spices, best quality vanilla and a hint of citrus are just some of the sensations experienced, because it is then in letting it breathe in the glass, that we recommend ample, where its bouquet never ceases to amaze. In the mouth it is full and round, recalling some Chablis from Burgundy.

The taste is long and persistent, rich, and harmonious in its crunchy fragrance.
The combinations that can be obtained are interesting, even if it can very well be the protagonist of a fine dinner with friends. We paired it with steamed cuttlefish roe with thyme mayonnaise to enjoy its incredible cleanliness in its persuasive texture.

Company Profile

Giorgio Schön and Marina Orlandi Contucci have transformed the historical company Colle Manora over time, establishing new vineyards and renewing the structure and technology of the cellar. Colle Manora is a blend of the characteristics that make Italy famous across the world: quality, style, and passion.

The pride of this historic region, with its indigenous vines, combined with the aromatic fantasies of some foreign vines, produces wines with precise imprints: the Italian style inspired by Mila Schön, the Lady of Fashion’s creative flair; the passion for racing reds expressed in the brand: a simple stroke of a red pen combined with a bunch.

Between the ancient villages of Quargnento and Fubine Monferrato, the property occupies a hill in the middle of an amphitheater of vineyards that is bordered to the north and east by acacia, oak, and wild cherry forests. A total of 20 of the company’s approximately 75 hectares are planted with grapes in an excellent environment.

Azienda Agricola Colle Manora s.s.

Strada Bozzola, 5
15044 Quargnento (AL)
+39 0131 21.92.52

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