Since 1981, this Piedmontese company’s path has taken concrete form. Its purpose was to combine hospitality, elegance, individuality, and appeal not just for the informed wine tourist’s eyes, but also as a production philosophy portrayed in each wine of the Colle Manora line with originality and personality.

We discovered their “business card” (as we liked to call it) in this series of products: Pais, a youthful and expertly vinified in steel Barbera del Monferrato.

Barbera is a versatile wine that may be enjoyed as a young wine with freshness, acidity, and an exquisite bouquet of red fruits, or aged first in wood and then in the bottle for depth, structure, and elegance. This Barbera del Monferrato, named “Pais” – the Piedmontese dialect word for “country” – by Colle Manora to emphasize and assert the ancient provenance of this vine, surprised us with its bold identity.

When viewed through a glass towards a light source, the color is bright and brilliant, almost mirroring its youth; on the nose, it inebriates for freshness and width, with fragrances that we have characterized as “stirring” since they are distinct, direct, and incredibly well defined.

Hints of fresh violets, raspberry syrup and freshly picked blueberries, marasca cherry and Mediterranean scrub (to mention a few) complement a very delightful drink with very well controlled tannins, which is never trivial in a Barbera.

The Pais is a wine that is contemporary and ready to drink, as well as versatile in its pairings: we tried it slightly chilled with a meal of spaghetti with datterini tomato sauce, completely appreciating Colle Manora’s “business card”.

Company Profile

Giorgio Schön and Marina Orlandi Contucci have transformed the historical company Colle Manora over the time, establishing new vineyards and renewing the structure and technology of the cellar. Colle Manora is a blend of the characteristics that make Italy famous across the world: quality, style, and passion.

The pride of this historic region, with its indigenous vines, combined with the aromatic fantasies of some international grapes, produces wines with precise imprints: the Italian style inspired by the creative flair of Mila Schön, the Lady of Fashion; the passion for racing reds expressed in the brand: a simple stroke of a red pen combined with a bunch.

Between the ancient villages of Quargnento and Fubine Monferrato, the property occupies a hill in the middle of an amphitheater of vineyards that is bordered to the north and east by acacia, oak, and wild cherry forests. A total of 20 of the company’s approximately 75 hectares are planted with grapes in an excellent environment.

Azienda Agricola Colle Manora s.s.

Strada Bozzola, 5
15044 Quargnento (AL)
+39 0131 21.92.52

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