Making a great Pinot Noir is always one of the most intriguing goals for a winery that is lucky enough to be able to work with this wonderful grape.

In Colle Manora, a splendid Piedmontese winery, this vine seems to be at home, both for the elegance and style that distinguishes the entire structure of the wine, and for the perfect microclimate that manages to make the Pinot Noir grapes suitable for the production ripen with refinement of the “Palo Alto”.

The delicacy of this vine is then transformed into a real strength with a great personality, thanks to the forward-looking and passionate work in the cellar which allows the wine to mature in wood for more than a year and another two years of refinement in the bottle, where the “Palo Alto” becomes a true protagonist of the range of Colle Manora products.

The color is typical of the grape with well-marked points of bright red which, in the large glass, leave nuances on the rim tending towards brilliant. Prodigious nose for varieties of roses and red flowers, marked notes of sun-ripened pepper peel and black pepper, sweet tobacco and hints of currant jam, leave the same gustatory sensations on the palate, with well-balanced roundness and almost bordering on sweetness. The silkiness of this wine is equal to the harmony we have captured, combining it with a Cevennes onion soup au gratin with a mature Gruyère cheese.

Company Profile

Giorgio Schön and Marina Orlandi Contucci have transformed the historical company Colle Manora over time, establishing new vineyards and renewing the structure and technology of the cellar. Colle Manora is a blend of the characteristics that make Italy famous across the world: quality, style, and passion.

The pride of this historic region, with its indigenous vines, combined with the aromatic fantasies of some foreign vines, produces wines with precise imprints: the Italian style inspired by Mila Schön, the Lady of Fashion’s creative flair; the passion for racing reds expressed in the brand: a simple stroke of a red pen combined with a bunch.

Between the ancient villages of Quargnento and Fubine Monferrato, the property occupies a hill in the middle of an amphitheater of vineyards that is bordered to the north and east by acacia, oak, and wild cherry forests. A total of 20 of the company’s approximately 75 hectares are planted with grapes in an excellent environment.

Azienda Agricola Colle Manora s.s.

Strada Bozzola, 5
15044 Quargnento (AL)
+39 0131 21.92.52

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