Colomba Bianca, a microcosm of sensations linked to the innovative vision of the tradition of this winery and in a nutshell this is the daily dedication of this beautiful Sicilian company which fully represents the values of sustainability and identity throughout the entire supply chain.

The wine we tasted today is a true icon in the panorama of Colomba Bianca’s proposals, a Sicilia DOC red wine with an elegant image that bears the name Quarantanni, a dedication to the anniversary of production in this enchanted corner of Sicily.

A blend where Nero d’Avola is the protagonist accompanied in perfect harmony with a Cabernet Sauvignon which gives those vegetal and international notes in a harmonious way, thus obtaining this reserve where the wood for the 12 months refinement has enhanced its body and structure .

The nose is warm and persuasive, almost velvety but with the breadth typical of thick wines, fruit and aromatic notes mix and bring sweet vanilla nuances to the nose, red fruit in alcohol emerges together with the elegance typical of home-made jams. home.

In the mouth it is full and very well structured, it envelops and thanks to the savory and mineral part given by the production soils it brings back to the palate both the olfactory notes and an excellent softness and roundness, a long finish and a very clean drink.

A wine, Quarantanni, which is combined in a modern way with meat or pasta dishes with game sauces, but above all with well-matured sheep’s or cow’s milk cheeses.

Company Profile

A project that has its roots in a traditional viticulture that looks to the future and projects it on international markets of quality wines. A common vision where the new generations carry out an oenological design that focuses on the innovation and valorization of the territorial characteristics. In the late 70’s, the Sicilian wine has been able to identify an important journey of rebirth. The starting point shared by many was in the land and in the vineyard, in the arms of those who cultivated it, in the family, from one generation to the other. However, an agent of change and perspective was given from a new awareness of the value of the wine in Sicily, and the chance of being able to rely on one’s identity and production capabilities, choosing the innovation, the organic and the sustainability.

Cantine Colomba Bianca Soc. Coop. Agricola
C/da Cartubuleo-Serroni snc 
Mazara del Vallo, TP 91026 IT
+39 0923 942747