Colomba Bianca’s commitment, research and passion cannot be condensed in a few lines. A winery of great foresight and qualitative attention, with an eye to the reference markets in order to be able to bring, in the glasses, a Sicilian quality synonymous with knowledge and love for the production area.

Lavì is a line of products of great freshness, modern, current bubbles and with an attractive packaging. Today we have tasted the charmat version from the Grillo grape.

The fact that the vine used is one of the symbols of Sicilian enology has allowed us to appreciate its qualities also in this sparkling version.

An immediate wine for frankness but equally intriguing for that harmony and balance that touches elegance.

The perlagè is very fine for a charmat, and in the glass it opens with a surprising variety and aromatic breadth, citrus scents, white-fleshed fruit, notes of jasmine and a tropical finish.

A much appreciated sparkling wine for aperitif moments with friends or to start a moment of family joy, Lavì Grillo is also exalted in mixology, where it creates an excellent combination with aromatic distillates or exotic fruit.

It was the last tasting of the day, so we had the opportunity to toast with this Lavì Grillo di Colomba Bianca, accompanying it with an excellent savory pie… and what a party!

Company Profile

Founded in 1970, Colomba Bianca represents the largest cooperative of Sicilian winemakers and the most important Italian producer of organic grapes and wines. Colomba Bianca’s management, under the leadership of President Leonardo Taschetta, interprets and carries out this mission, valuing the territory and the work lavished by the large family of winemakers who, through their passion and dedication to their land, represent the beating heart of the cooperative: 2480 members united by a philosophy production focused on full traceability between vineyard and bottle.

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C/da Cartubuleo-Serroni snc
Mazara del Vallo, TP 91026 IT
+39 0923 942747

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