This wine, created by the “family” of Cristo di Campobello, contains a fascinating and, in some ways, enigmatic Sicily.

Few places can compete with the Mediterranean culture atmosphere that penetrates the Sicilian air, which is thick with far off memories and deep traditions.

This wine embodies remarkable forethought and reverence for the country from where these fruits are harvested. It is a balance in essence and an explosion of value harmonies.

It is a wine of wisdom, of sincere and rural wisdom.

It carries the warmth of its terroir, a rich and deep red color even in its dazzling shades; the scent is enveloping with noble spices and red fruit, with subtle notes of fresh licorice.

With the passage of time in the glass, its ample scent communicates new balsamic and fresh notes, which then reaffirm its note of expressive roundness.

It blends well with the fragrance in the mouth. The acidic-sapid note is excellent and easy to recall due to how long it lingered in the aftertaste.

Cristo di Campobello’s C’D’C’ Rosso is a reliable choice for pairings with medium-aged cheeses or grilled meats, but in a special way, it also serves as a warm ambassador for table camaraderie.

Company Profile

After decades spent tending the vines grew the vision of a new enological path to follow, driven by the wish to attain the highest quality. The appropriate location, an extraordinary microclimate, qualified human resources have given life to “Cristo di Campobello”, born into an uncontaminated land that displays infinite environmental nuances and carries with it local religious tradition, a land cultivated with passion, devotion and experience from three family men. Thirthy-five hectares of vineyards in the soil of Campobello di Licata, near Agrigento, Sicily. Deep soil, calcareous and chalky, spread over hills between 230 and 270 meters above sea level, just 8,000 meters from the coast. Limited production, following the fortunes of each vintage, only fully ripe grapes hand harvested, separate vinification of each variety, to respect and preserve the characteristics of the unique land. Only some of the choices made by Cristo di Campobello in an endeavor to achieve the level of quality sought from the outset.

Cristo di Campobello
Contrada Favarotta S.S. 123 Km 19+200
92023 Campobello di Licata – Agrigento
Tel. +39 0922 877709 / 883214
+39 0922 877709

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