Grappa is the Italian distillate par excellence, obtained from the fermentation of exclusively Italian pomace. Its journey as a spirit drink with protected designation of origin is relatively recent while its history dates back to the great past. Its history, from its origins up to the present day, has led this distillate to become a precious and typical product of the Italian culture, in fact, from north to south of Italy, grappa has become over time one of the most recognized distillates in Europe. Its birth dates back to the “alchemists” of the twelfth century, who were the first to discover the technique of distilling pomace but in that case the research was for medical purposes and uses. Today grappa is instead a harmonious and prestigious research especially for after dinner or as a meditation distillate.

Distilleria Deta is a modern, environmentally conscious company in the heart of Tuscany that is continually striving for perfection. For many years, Deta has worked with great commitment and research to offer products such as its white Chianti Classico grappa, created for true connoisseurs of this type of distillate. Grappa, let’s remember, is born white, and the true enthusiast can find himself in the perfectly clear color of this grappa from Distilleria Deta.

In the small tasting glass, this grappa enhances the aromatic complexity and finesse, an intensity obtained from the meticulous processing of the marcs that make up the characteristic blend of Chianti Classico wine.

Spicy, fresh scents, red flowers that bring to mind that corner of Tuscany that has always been in the heart of every wine tourist.

The Chianti Classico grappa is enveloping and harmonious on the palate, with the character of its vines, in particular of Sangiovese and Canaiolo, it closes in a soft but decisive way and leaves that long taste, typical of a really well made product. A toast to those who, like all of us, love to enhance the history and excellence of our beautiful country.

Company Profile

Armed with a solid tradition focused on production quality, a determined Luigi Forni and his daughter Annamaria founded Distilleria Deta in 1978.
On the wave of the industrial and economic development of those years, new and important investments were undertaken, specifically involving the modernisation of the production systems and the creation of a wastewater purification system. These changes allowed Distilleria Deta to demonstrate that they were up with the times where other competitor companies in the territory were approaching the point of having to close their doors.
Courage, tradition and passion for their work led to the growth of Distilleria Deta so that they are now one of the major business partners of Tuscan wineries and primary companies that make up the Italian winery world.

Distilleria Deta S.r.l.
Strada di Poneta 2/16
50028 Barberino Tavarnelle (FI)
+39 055 8073173

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