The realm of grappa is a captivating one, perhaps because there’s still so much left to explore and celebrate within the expansive realm of Italian grape varieties. Marzadro has always been a brand defined by its innovative and down-to-earth approach, deeply rooted in the Dolomite-rich landscape of Trentino. Yet, it consistently delivers fresh and forward-thinking experiences to its consumers.

In many ways, this grappa encapsulates what’s to come, “Espressioni Futura” – it’s like a glimpse into the future of flavors. It carries the untamed spirit of curiosity and dedication to quality that runs through the Marzadro family, particularly in its master distiller, Andrea Marzadro. This grappa offers a delightfully subtle aroma that evokes the essence of fine wines, and it consistently provides a truly engaging fullness and balance to the olfactory senses. Swirling the glass reveals even more complexity to the nose, with intricate spicy notes, thanks to the precise aging in oak and a year spent in Amarone barrels.

The bain-marie distillation, a hallmark of Marzadro’s exceptional craftsmanship, imparts a remarkable harmony and richness to this reserve grappa on the palate. It all culminates in a perfectly balanced flavor and aroma. Marzadro has crafted an outstanding product that shines after a fine meal or, in our view, becomes even more captivating when shared among friends, soothing the spirits with the exceptional balance of this exquisite grappa.

Company Profile

The story of Distilleria Marzadro date back in 1949 in Brancolino in Trentino. Attilio Marzadro and his sister Sabina are the protagonists. They understood how to cultivate the land to its best in order to obtain, from his vineyards, the pomace more suitable for the distillation of Grappas. Attilio passed on to his children this precious inheritance made up of enthusiasm and passion. The 3 generations of the Marzadro family kept its inheritance intact with great commitment and professionalism.

Distilleria Marzadro
Via Per Brancolino, 10 – 38060
Nogaredo (Trento) – Italia
+39 0464 304555

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