The Historic DOMENIS1898 brand has long been associated with the quality and tradition recognized by the world’s most discerning spirits and liqueurs customers. Vermut Ros, which is both current, modern, and historic at the same time – just like the manufacturing history of this renowned Italian brand, contains the essence of this company’s ability to evolve over the years.

It is a highly topical vermouth for blending and more, because it shines in the exquisite olfactory component as well as the gustatory one, which is so rich in numerous sensations, from citrus fruits to spices. The tannins, which are referred to as “soft”, satisfy the palate by combining a well balanced structure. The colour is a shaded crimson with coppery undertones, and when combined with ice cubes, it displays a very distinctive brilliance.

Trittico 1898 Vermut Ros stands out as a valuable diamond in the large qualitative variety of DOMENIS1898 products, enriching the Company’s illustrious past even more. Vermut Ros may be the star of the aperitif, and we wanted to try it after dinner to really enjoy its wonderful fragrant sweetness.

Company Profile

Founded in 1898 by Pietro Domenis in Cividale del Friuli, DOMENIS1898 has developed over one hundred and twentyfive years of wisdom and craftsmanship transmitted in the unquestionable quality of its products: modern spirits in taste and style, which keep intact all the values that have always distinguished this historic brand.

Tradition and innovation blend together to satisfy the most demanding palates creating the excellence of Italian grappas: products such as Storica®, Secolo, DOMENIS® Gold Edition, Special Edition Picolit and Futura. For the 120th anniversary of the company’s birth, LA120 was launched and immediately awarded as well as I III Re, valuable aged barrique grappas crowned indisputable “Sovereigns” of DOMENIS1898 production. Alongside the best grappas, there are also some gins, including Cividât, the 42° gin that best expresses the particularities of the Cividale del Friuli territory, and liqueurs such as Storica Amaro, Storica Verde and Storica Sambuca, all recognized excellences.

TRITTICO, the line made up of premium products dedicated to mixology, is also born from the over a hundred years of experience of DOMENIS1898. The balance of the elements for the perfection of taste made it possible to obtain Bergamot, an intense and fruity liqueur with a fresh and pleasant aroma, and Queen Mary, the bitter obtained from the extract of selected Cannabis sativa seeds, but also DOMAZ, the alcohol-free bitter, and the latest arrivals, Vermouth Ros, Blanc, and Rosé, already loved by bartenders. Quality and awareness of the respect for environment are revealed by BIO references and by VEGAN, the line of vegan and organic products certified by Vegan Society and CCPB.

Finally, Storica®, also available in Barrique Millesimata version, is celebrated by the talent of Romina Dorigo in a set of six bottles, signed and numbered, in a limited edition, to be collected: the exclusive Enoteca Collection is on sale in the best wine shops and on the Company eShop.

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