If wine tourism is a continuously growing sector, so is the demand for the professional figure of the Hospitality Manager. It’s a role that offers valuable opportunities and satisfactions, yet at the same time, it presents daily challenges that many underestimate and few talk about.

For this very reason, we recently conducted a survey involving hundreds of industry professionals to understand the main difficulties they face in their work.

Here are some of the challenges that emerged from their feedback

Managing emergencies in Public Relations

One of the main difficulties for Hospitality Managers is handling emergencies in public relations: delays from wine tourists, unexpected visitors, and the dreaded “no-show,” where clients fail to appear for their booked experience without explicit cancellation. These incidents demand a prompt and effective response from Hospitality Managers and can test the team’s ability to maintain high service standards during busy periods. Our survey highlighted the need to develop strategies and protocols to efficiently address these situations while ensuring a positive experience for all visitors.

Variable workload based on seasonality

Another significant challenge is the variable workload tied to seasonal changes and weekends. Intense periods of activity alternate with quieter phases, creating a highly dynamic work environment. This variability can impact the creation of a well-suited team for both situations. Therefore, it is crucial to develop flexible personnel management strategies that ensure consistent training and cohesion within the group.

Difficulty in finding qualified Hospitality Managers

The third critical point concerns winery owners who work directly in wine tourism and require support. Finding human resources with the necessary skills to independently carry out the profession is an ongoing challenge. The role of the Hospitality Manager requires a rich combination of skills: technical knowledge in the wine sector, the ability to interact with the public, and attracting tourist flows to the cellar.

A new support initiative by Wine Meridian: the Hospitality Manager Club

Training and personnel development become crucial to ensure the presence of qualified Hospitality Managers in this rapidly evolving sector.

To proactively address the challenges within the wine tourism sector, we’ve established the first Hospitality Manager Club in Italy. This is a space dedicated to those who wish to stay updated on the latest news and trends, interact with other industry professionals, and draw inspiration from successful case studies. Continuous improvement is guaranteed!

If you want to know about our initiative, contact us at redazione@winemeridian.com!