In the world of wine tourism, guided tours and tastings are moments of discovery and learning, for both visitors and Hospitality Managers themselves.

However, it often happens that wine tourists, due to inexperience or simple inattention, make mistakes that leave Hospitality Managers speechless. The Club of Hospitality Managers, consisting of over 600 industry professionals, has given us a collection of the funniest and most absurd gaffe testimonies.

Let’s look at some.

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“This Prosecco is delicious!”

An enduring classic. After an hour of in-depth explanation about the traditional method, here comes the tasting moment and the guest exclaims: “This Prosecco, it’s delicious!”. The lesson? Perhaps a final quiz could help to better fix the concepts!

Winter picnics

A peculiar request: a picnic among the vines… in January! A winery in Chianti Classico, an area with a harsh climate in winter, has received several requests for picnics during the colder months. The solution? Educate customers about why certain activities are not available all year round. Perhaps, a huge pop-up on the site clearly indicating the suitable seasons for picnics could prevent misunderstandings.

What’s in the wine?

Another gem: “What do you add to the wine to give it these aromas?”. Sometimes, describing the aromas of a wine can lead to bizarre misunderstandings, like imagining that certain aromas are due to the actual addition of specific ingredients! Let’s laugh about it and seize the opportunity to educate a bit about wine culture.

Post-funeral tasting

An episode that stunned a Hospitality Manager: a booking for a tasting with a toast specifying that the guests would be arriving after a funeral. A different approach to life and death from ours, but it teaches us to respectfully welcome different cultural sensitivities.

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Graduation party and improvised sabering

Here’s a situation that made eyes roll: a tasting turned into a graduation party, where the excitement led one of the participants to take a small sickle from grandpa’s display to saber a bottle. A perfect example of when enthusiasm crosses the boundaries of common sense and respect for others’ property.

Outrageous requests

From the nonexistent “Lugana red” to the “disgorgement date of a still wine,” to the tasting of wines like “Sassicaia white” (which does not exist), the requests of wine tourists can really be out of the ordinary. But these situations offer a valuable opportunity to educate without mortifying, to grow the wine culture with patience and a pinch of irony.

These stories remind us how important clear and detailed communication is, and how a touch of humor can transform even the most absurd episodes into moments of growth and learning. In short, let’s laugh about it and continue to toast to the culture of wine!