Gorghi Tondi is a beautiful winery with ancient roots but an innovative spirit, a spirit of love that the family has always directed towards nature and the landscapes that surround this Sicilian reality. There would be a lot to write about the identity values of this winery, not least a qualitative approach to their products that incredibly enhances its uncontaminated territory and the charming welcome.

The Rajàh 2022, obtained from 100% Zibibbo grapes, is one of the most expressive representative wines by Gorghi Tondi, an “icon” like the shells on the label, the nautilus, symbol of a land with an indissoluble bond with sea.

It’s the Mediterranean Sea, from where also the Zibibbo came from thanks to the Arabs in the past who enriched the Sicilian expressive quality, from cuisine to wines. Today it is a symbol of a millenary culture and at the same time current in the international dining offer.

The calcareous soils of Gorghi Tondi are rich in fossil minerals, giving the various wines of the estate a mineral fruit that already surprises the nose.

Rajàh is a wine with distinct features, with a personality that leaves no room for compromise, a sunny yellow color, offering the nose a breadth of Mediterranean scrub and ripe citrus fruits, to arrive at a distinct note of tropical fruit and white spring flowers.

In the mouth its pleasant minerality explodes and a fragrance that is harmonious with the olfactory part, combined with a length of great prestige.

Perfect with dishes with a strong flavour, from pasta with bottarga to grilled fish accompanied by an important local oil, the Rajàh 2022 thus combines charm with the taste of this beautiful corner of Sicily.

Company Profile

In the sunny days when Clara and Annamaria walk among the vineyard rows it seems to hear the voice of Dora, that special great-grandmother who knew all the secrets and hidden wonders of her land. Today she would look with pride at her family and at what was born from her sowing in the Gorghi Tondi reserve. The story of the estate began more than 100 years ago but it was in 2000 that Michele Sala, father of Annamaria and Clara, decided with his wife Doretta and daughters to start bottling the good and the beauty that have always surrounded them. Annamaria and Clara have taken over from their father and today they continue to take care of that dream. Gorghi Tondi is located in a nature preserve, a crossroads between sea, sun and earth that enhanced the grapes with its majestic complexity. Here, 130 hectares of vineyards are worked with skillful hands and an eye to the future to produce organic and unforgettable wines.

Tenuta Gorghi Tondi
Contrada San Nicola, sn
Mazara del Vallo, TP 91026 IT

+39 0923 719741

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