A tribute to an illustrious family heritage, a deep-rooted affinity with the land, and a profound recognition of its inherent worth. The Gorghi Tondi winery encompasses all of this and beyond; it’s a place that exudes wisdom, where the very soul of the region is affectionately preserved within every wine bottle.

“SorelleSala” is a manifestation of a grand dream, skillfully crafted. This exceptional wine is a masterful fusion of native grapes like Nero d’Avola, harmoniously intertwined with the distinct characteristics of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Uncorking this bottle is close to taking a sensory journey to a corner of Sicily, steeped in the charm and ancient mysteries that have defined the culture Gorghi Tondi has so admirably preserved.

In the glass, “SorelleSala” presents a deep, robust red hue, and as it is poured into a large glass, a symphony of alluring aromas is released, filling the air. These scents are a harmonious blend of fruity notes, wild herbs, licorice, sweet tobacco, violets, blueberry jam, and exotic spices. “SorelleSala” is an olfactory masterpiece that gracefully envelops your senses.

In the mouth, this wine delivers a full-bodied experience that echoes the bouquet of its aromas. The flavors seamlessly meld into a captivating taste that lingers gently, with a velvety finish that’s easy on the tannins.

“SorelleSala” isn’t just a wine; it’s a testament to the synergy of sharing and agricultural wisdom, where people intimately understand one another. This wine offers a myriad of pairing possibilities, from game appetizers to sumptuous baked pasta dishes, not to mention a variety of cheeses. “SorelleSala” is the ideal companion for modern Italian cuisine, making each meal an exquisite journey through tradition and nature, captured in a single glass.

Company Profile

In the sunny days when Clara and Annamaria walk among the vineyard rows it seems to hear the voice of Dora, that special great-grandmother who knew all the secrets and hidden wonders of her land. Today she would look with pride at her family and at what was born from her sowing in the Gorghi Tondi reserve. The story of the estate began more than 100 years ago but it was in 2000 that Michele Sala, father of Annamaria and Clara, decided with his wife Doretta and daughters to start bottling the good and the beauty that have always surrounded them. Annamaria and Clara have taken over from their father and today they continue to take care of that dream. Gorghi Tondi is located in a nature preserve, a crossroads between sea, sun and earth that enhanced the grapes with its majestic complexity. Here, 130 hectares of vineyards are worked with skillful hands and an eye to the future to produce organic and unforgettable wines.

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