Investing in sustainability is nothing new for Gotto d’oro, a historic cooperative based in Marino, on the slopes of the Castelli Romani hills. Over the last 15 years, it has achieved several important goals in terms of quality, social solidarity, and eco-compatibility, managing a significant company size and creating strong local representation. 

The Green Transformation of Gotto d’oro Over the Years

The company has been moving in a “green” direction since 2008, focusing on water consumption, implementing a reverse osmosis water system, and obtaining BRC, IFS, and ISO 9001 certifications. These certifications have allowed Gotto d’oro’s products to continue to gain significant positioning in large-scale distribution. 

In the following years, the construction of the wastewater treatment plant and the photovoltaic system followed, leading up to more recent years: the renovation of the control, research, and quality laboratory took place in 2019, while in 2020, the new Settantacinque75 Line was launched. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of its foundation, it represents a real declaration of intent for responsible and sustainable production, with decidedly low-impact packaging, lightweight glass, FSC-certified recycled paper, and 100% recyclable cork stoppers. In 2022, the cooperative joined the Ethical Project for a circular economy model for the collection and recycling of cork stoppers and drafted its first Sustainability Report. 

But the last few years have been distinguished especially by the internal growth of human resources in terms of sustainable awareness; a great responsibility for a company like Gotto d’oro, which strongly represents a territory and must first and foremost protect it, defending the quality of life of its stakeholders in the broadest sense. In the words of Director Ilaria Palumbo, “it is the people of Gotto d’oro who have earned this important result; it is an acknowledgment that rewards the value of our resources. We have always been aware of the importance of protecting the environment; this journey has made us understand even more how much the human factor counts for Gotto d’oro. Around a judgment of sustainability, first and foremost, revolves an ethical consciousness, without which even the most coveted recognition represents only a formal aspect. Our employees have shared this desire from day one, and they are the first to feel represented by this acknowledgment.” 

The Equalitas Certification

Gotto d’oro is the first winery in Lazio to obtain the Equalitas company certification.

The certification process began in October and concluded in December of last year. After being recognized as a sustainable organization, the company’s prospects now include working on the certification of certain product lines: the products boasting the DOC ROMA will be subjected to certification, in particular the Settantacinque75 Line and the Vinea Domini Line. The need to undertake the certification process, a direct derivation of the cooperative’s corporate values, is also in line with the demands of some foreign markets. Gotto d’oro is present in Germany, Belgium, France, Malta, Hungary, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, England, the United States, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.

The company is also steadily engaged in an international expansion process: currently, the markets of Northern Europe, such as Sweden, Norway, and Finland, are showing great interest in the products of eco-sensitive Italian companies.