Wine Future and Green Wine Future were created to provide a forum to analyze the multiple challenges that face the wine industry, from the banking crisis of 2008 and the ensuing global recession to the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis amongst many others.

This 2023 iteration has become especially important and meaningful as the industry finds itself at a very interesting crossroads. This time the threats are not purely external but also intrinsic, and that could have long-lasting impacts on the way wine is traded and consumed.

Panel 1 will analyze the opportunity and role that influencers and new social media channels have in engaging new consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennials. A very active group of wine influencers and marketers will analyze these issues: Mariano Braga, Emma Bertrand, Georgia Panagopoulou and Simone Roveda will be moderated by Cristina Mercuri.

The first keynote of Wine Future will address the importance of promoting moderation by changing attitudes and implementing programs that tackle underage and binge drinking, stressing the importance that for those who drink alcohol, it should be done wisely and well. The keynote speaker of this session will be Max Trejo, Secretary General for the International Youth Organization of the UN.

The industry relies on the ability of wine communicators to persuade consumers to try their wines. Today’s wine lexicon, however, is perceived as intimidating and snobbish by most novices and younger consumers. The way in which most marketing campaigns are designed, with poor storytelling and complex language do not help make wine more accessible. Panel 2 will show new and more effective ways to communicate about wine and its related activities. Mike Wangbickler will moderate a session of incredibly talented wine communicators: Alder Yarrow, Sonal Holland MW, Megan Greco, Natalie Wang, and Ferrán Centelles.

For decades, the wine trade has been primarily the preserve of white, cisgender men, often with an implied (although not always fulfilled) heterosexual norm. With this narrow focus, the world of wine itself was limited both in its scope and its appeal to those outside those bounds. There is, thankfully, a change now occurring, and Wine Future brings together a fascinating panel to discuss these how understanding and embracing diversity, equity and inclusion is not only better socially but also for business. While they cannot claim to be representing any but themselves, the panel will bring perspectives from Curious Vines founder Queena Wong, writer Helen Savage, merchant Mags Jango, and winemaker Ntskiki Biyela, chaired by entrepreneur, educator and chair of the Institute of Masters of Wine’s Diversity and Inclusion panel, Stephen Wong MW.

Nobel Laureate and renowned economist Sir Christopher Pissarides will conduct the keynote: “The wine industry, world economy and work in the age of artificial intelligence”. He will explore the future of the world economy and the impact of technology, especially AI, on labor markets, particularly with respect to the wine industry.

Iron Maiden ́s lead singer, pilot and entrepreneur, Bruce Dickinson travels the world, sharing his wisdom and experience to engage corporate and business audiences. Drawing inspiration from his wealth of experience as a rock star and businessman, Bruce Dickinson will address how the challenges of operating in the seemingly disparate fields of rock music and commercial aviation reflect the same challenges the business world faces every day. Bruce brilliantly shares how teamwork, communication, forward planning, and inevitable setbacks are an opportunity to learn, adapt, and successfully move on.

Rob McMillan is one of the top wine-business analysts in the United States and the author of Silicon Valley Bank’s highly regarded annual State of the Wine Industry Report. With decades of experience researching the wine business, his views are sought after and trusted by winery owners, journalists, entrepreneurs, and investors. He has also been named several times as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in the US wine industry.

Covid-19 had a catastrophic impact on tourism across the world. With global travel restrictions and enforced isolation, the way we view the world changed. Consequently, wineries and wine regions dependent on wine tourism have also had to change. This panel will explore how to adapt to the new reality, whether through virtual tours or actual physical tasting rooms far from the estates themselves. Adrian Bridge, Catherine Leparmentier, Marisah Nieuwoudt and Dr. Michael Cheng will present their analysis.

With soaring inflation, lack of interest by younger generations and competition from alternative beverages, sales of entry- and mid-level wines have become a challenge for restaurants, retailers, hotels, and supermarkets. This panel will impart new and innovative strategies to improve sales. Liz Thach MW will lead a group of experienced speakers including Ulf Sjodin MW, Rafael del Rey, and Don St. Pierre

While there are several alcoholic beverages to choose from when you want to sit down to a nice drink, scientists say that there’s one choice that can lead to a healthier lifestyle, and its wine. According to recent research from several universities, drinking spirits regularly instead of wine increases the risk of cardiovascular events and other health issues. Dr. Laura Catena will analyze the pros and the cons of alcohol consumption and why wine is a much better option.

New potential consumers enjoy and embrace new technologies. The wine industry must embrace change by adopting new and innovative packaging and labeling systems, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, as well as internet resources, digital marketing, Big Data, and advanced market research technologies. This panel will discuss topics such as data-driven marketing, virtual engagement, and digital brand strategy amongst other technology-driven marketing topics. David Allen MW will lead a group of experts including Maureen Downey, Justin Noland, and Ian Ford.

Today’s consumer is more value-driven than past generations, supporting brands with purposes that align with their own priorities. They expect more transparency and authenticity. With concerns about global climate change and the safety of what they put in or on their bodies, sustainability and responsible business practices are extremely important to them. This panel will discuss how to communicate about sustainability in wine, without greenwashing and breaking trust. This panel will be moderated by Anne Burchett and features Prof Graham Miller, Anna Chilton, Martin Reyes MW and Eugeni Brotons.

These are some of the most important topics to be analyzed by more than 60 speakers and keynote speakers that will appear at Wine Future. The summit will also feature several wine tastings and masterclasses which will be conducted by Mark Squires from The Wine Advocate, Richard Mayson, expert in Portuguese wines and Dirceu Vianna Junior, Master of Wine.

Wine Future 2023 will take place at the historical and beautiful city of Coimbra in Portugal from November 7th to 9th. The venue will be the amazing Convento de Sao Francisco and the conference features panels, keynotes, masterclasses and tastings, a Trade Fair Area and numerous hospitality events. Registrations are open at