We’ve fully immersed ourselves in a wine that boasts exceptional originality not just within Tuscany but on an international scale. The Beconcini winery, dedicated for years to preserving history and the environment, crafts IXE—a Tempranillo with a captivating and distinct identity.

This wine isn’t just about character; it’s steeped in the traditions at the heart of Leonardo Beconcini’s persona. He’s a vintner driven by exploration and vision, staying true to the wisdom this remarkable land has imparted over time.

Their viticulture approach leaves no room for compromise when it comes to environmental conservation. IXE Tempranillo isn’t just an organic wine; it’s safeguarded meticulously. Its preservation isn’t solely for the history it carries through the centuries in Tuscany but for the efforts this winery has made to amplify its worth.

With a red hue tinged with violet, an expansive yet precisely defined aroma, and a uniquely floral bouquet for a red wine, it’s accompanied by hints of red fruit and spices reminiscent of the orient. Upon tasting, it harmonizes seamlessly with its aroma. You’re immediately greeted by an explosive and captivating minerality, coupled with the right touch of savoriness and acidity that linger long in memory. Its smoothness perfectly balances the experience—a stellar illustration for those who seek clarity and depth in red wines.

It pairs beautifully with meat dishes, perhaps even those featuring fruit and spices, and complements cheeses with a robust structure. An ideal companion for post-dinner moments shared in good company.

The oven-roasted pork stuffed with prunes we enjoyed alongside this Tempranillo amplified and complemented every nuance of its character.

Company Profile

Leonardo Beconcini and his wife Eva manage together Pietro Beconcini Agricola, Tuscan winery in San Miniato by generations. Leonardo’s project began to take shape in the early 1990s, undertaking the studies of the local environment with local zonation research, and with the first vintage of a monovarietal Sangiovese in 1995, The RECISO. Successively, he took over the reins of the business from his father. The long and patience work research and the massal selections have permitted him the in-depth understanding of the vineyards in his land, so to dedicate his life to local grapes cultivation and to the discovery of the unexpected presence at San Miniato of the fabulous grape Tempranillo variety . Today, Pietro Beconcini Agricola is the first winery in Tuscany to produce wines from this noble variety, which has such deep historical roots in San Miniato.

Pietro Beconcini Agricola
Via Montorzo, 13/A
56028 San Miniato (PI)

+39 0571 464785

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