We are in the heart of Franciacorta, nestled near a wide morainic amphitheater. Here, amidst the beauty of nature, a winery has found its home, one that has made art a distinctive hallmark of its identity. La Montina is a place where hospitality and the sharing of a passion for art have been integral since its inception in the 1980s. This establishment has managed to transform a space originally dedicated to wine production into a hub of art, culture, and communal experiences.

The Bozza family, the owner of the Monticelli Brusati estate, have made wine culture a cornerstone of their work, and this commitment has been recognized with the Accoglienza Essere Franciacorta Award, presented by the Strada del Franciacorta in collaboration with Bocconi University in Milan. This award declared La Montina the winery with the highest and most prestigious level of hospitality among the already excellent wineries in Franciacorta.

We interviewed Michele Bozza, President of La Montina, who shared their experience in wine tourism and art.

How many years ago did your hospitality at the winery start, and what was the goal?

Our hospitality began in parallel with the birth of the winery itself. La Montina has been open to the public since the late 1980s. Initially, the aim was to make ourselves known and share our passion with as many people as possible. Over time, our style of hospitality evolved in line with the family’s inclinations and market demands.

How was it developed?

We started with a simple question: What’s better than pairing wine with a well-cooked homemade meal? This led to the creation of Villa Baiana in the early 1990s, specializing in weddings and ceremonies.

Later, we realized that the combination of wine, food, and art had a strong appeal for companies seeking venues for their events. This expanded our range of services to include a conference center.

It’s been a journey spanning almost 40 years, taken one step at a time but with a clear objective: to create value.

Maintaining a family-like atmosphere, La Montina is a place where visitors know they will be comfortable and have a high-quality experience.

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Wine and art: why was this combination chosen to enhance the wine tourism experience?

The combination of art and wine found a very natural expression and evolution here at La Montina.

My father, Gian Carlo Bozza, one of the three founders of the winery, became passionate about the works of the Milanese artist Remo Bianco in the 1980s and began integrating them into all the areas of the estate.

Subsequently, it was decided to give more and more space to other artists as well, to cultivate this love for art in all its forms and share it with those who come to visit the winery. Art and wine are sources of emotions, conversations, and thoughts.

The artworks scattered throughout the winery pique curiosity and undoubtedly contribute to enriching the experiential offerings for visitors.

What are the strengths of a winery visit that a wine lover can find at La Montina?

Certainly, the Torchio Verticale Marmonier is a very distinctive element of our winery. It is a press designed and crafted by artisans from Brescia in 1999, which embodies the concept of gentle pressing and, consequently, the origin of our wines. Another peculiarity is the 7,500 square meters of cellar completely built under the hill, which is a cornerstone of our guided tours where we explain the Franciacorta method.

Finally, our Museum of Contemporary Art is also a permanent exhibition of the works of the artist Remo Bianco (Milan 1922 – 1988). In addition, the museum periodically hosts solo exhibitions of national and international contemporary artists, whose works come to life in the museum’s path that winds through the villa’s rooms, cellars, barrels, and bottles resting on lees.

Another point in our favor is related to the tours we offer throughout the week in both Italian and English, always accompanied by a tasting with a selection of local products.

How would you describe the style of hospitality?

Warm and genuine, yet always professional. It is important to us that the guest immediately feels comfortable when they enter our gate. From there, a kind of journey together begins, and we deeply believe that the human aspect makes the difference.

Those who accompany visitors are a kind of storyteller, and the empathy they create with their listeners is crucial.

What are the upcoming news?

Regarding our Museum, in September, we will inaugurate a new exhibition dedicated to Alfredo Colleoni, an artist from Bergamo with intense meditative tendencies, focused not only on formal and structural exploration but, above all, on the spiritual.

In the same month, we will also be among the protagonists of the Franciacorta Festival: we will open the winery on Saturday, September 16, and Sunday, September 17, with tastings paired with appetizers and guided tours (for more information: https://lamontina.com/degustazioni-in-cantina/).

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