La Montina once again captivates and astonishes with their Franciacorta wine named “Quor”, crafted with meticulous care from vineyards both seasoned and thoughtfully selected through regional exploration. These vineyards are chosen from the extensive 70 hectares owned by this historic winery, which belongs to the Bozza family.

“Quor” is a reserve wine designed for the most discerning palates and extraordinary culinary experiences. It presents itself with utmost refinement, beginning with its exclusive and carefully designed packaging. We regard this wine as the core of La Montina winery, produced in very limited quantities (approximately 6,000 bottles, available on the winery’s website). Its name originates from a spelling mistake of the word “Cuor” (“Heart”), as found in a letter from Grandfather Fiore to his wife and children, concluding with the words, “You are always in my Quor”.

This Brut Nature wine unveils itself in the glass with exceptionally elegant bubbles, and its golden hues reminiscent of sunlight reveal the six years of maturation on the lees. On the nose, its expansive aromas continually evolve, ranging from the aroma of freshly baked bread to floral and white fleshy fruit notes, with honeyed undertones of great finesse.

In the mouth, it offers fragrant, well-balanced, and harmonious qualities that complement the olfactory experience. It boasts excellent acidity and a mineral character that, in the finish, approaches a subtle spiciness akin to pepper. La Montina continues its ongoing evolution and dedication to quality, thanks in part to sparkling wines like “Quor”, a proud embodiment of Franciacorta’s excellence.

The pairing options for this exceptional Nature wine are numerous, ranging from Catalan-style shellfish to medium-bodied pasta dishes, and even extending to premium mountain cheeses. Our tasting experience culminated with tagliatelle accompanied by freshly foraged morel mushrooms, unveiling the true essence of this prestigious La Montina sparkling wine.

Company Profile

La Montina was established in Monticelli Brusati, in the province of Brescia, just a few steps from Lake Iseo, the northern crown of Franciacorta. Here the extraordinary microclimate given by the morphological conformation of the territory gives the vine and olive trees a perfect habitat for maturation and growth. In 1982, keeping faith with the family’s winemaking tradition, three of the Bozza brothers – Vittorio, Gian Carlo and Alberto – bought the estate, built in 1620 by Benedetto Montini, ancestor of Pope Paul VI. From 1986 to 2007, an 8,000 m2 cellar was dug into the hill and now matures an average of 400,000 bottles each year preserving the ancient art of soft pressing using the “Torchio Verticale Marmonier”. With La Montina within the estate there are the Wine Shop, Villa Baiana and its Congress Centre and the first Contemporary Art Gallery in Franciacorta.

La Montina
Via Baiana, 17 
Monticelli Brusati , BS 25040 IT
+39 030 653278

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