La Montina is a company that has always given that qualitative imprint to Franciacorta, both in respect of tradition and in agronomic and technical research. This Rosé is the result of careful analysis, because in addition to softness and respect for the specification, it combines all the characteristics of Pinot Noir, as a founding base, and of Chardonnay: this Extra Brut is a true example of territorial enhancement.

The tasting of this Rosé is the synthesis of what in Franciacorta, thanks also to the more restrictive disciplinary of the Italian DOCs, La Montina winery has been pursuing and testifying for many years in the national and international markets.

A Rosé of rare structure and complexity, excellently balanced in the persuasive and very fine bubble that accompanies an excellently harmonious drink.

The flavors of the fragrance of fruit and flowers explode on the nose, with slightly balsamic notes and well-dosed yeasts, and on the palate it combines fruitiness with delicacy and flavor in an excellent mineral balance.

A complex Rosé with a decisive appearance in the color that recalls the summer sunset, with brilliant tips and such a finely persistent perlage capable of supporting white meat and shellfish dishes accompanied with an excellent Garda extra virgin olive oil, to enhance also the clean aspect of this really well made Franciacorta.

A transversal mix, from the nose to the taste, of summer pleasantness of both flowers and fresh fruit, with a final cleaning of great impact.

Congratulations to this sparkling winery for pursuing the value of the very well worked vines in the creation of this persuasive and far-sighted Rosé, representative of the great Franciacorta tradition.

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Company Profile

La Montina was established in Monticelli Brusati, in the province of Brescia, just a few steps from Lake Iseo, the northern crown of Franciacorta. Here the extraordinary microclimate given by the morphological conformation of the territory gives the vine and olive trees a perfect habitat for maturation and growth. In 1982, keeping faith with the family’s winemaking tradition, three of the Bozza brothers – Vittorio, Gian Carlo and Alberto – bought the estate, built in 1620 by Benedetto Montini, ancestor of Pope Paul VI. From 1986 to 2007, an 8,000 m2 cellar was dug into the hill and now matures an average of 400,000 bottles each year preserving the ancient art of soft pressing using the “Torchio Verticale Marmonier”. With La Montina within the estate there are the Wine Shop, Villa Baiana and its Congress Centre and the first Contemporary Art Gallery in Franciacorta.

La Montina
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