Discussing passion is a common theme in the world of wine, as many wineries are born from inspiration or a strong connection to the land, and many aspire to express their attachment to their terroir. However, only a few manage to do so convincingly. Lovadina, on the other hand, is a winery that emerged while fully immersed in the captivating landscape that surrounds it. It embodies the Venetian narrative, deeply entrenched in rural traditions and genuine values, forming the very bedrock upon which Lovadina conveys a wisdom steeped in research. This commitment extends from the packaging to the meticulous hand-harvesting of grapes and even to the refinement, as exemplified by the young Prosecco we sampled today.

This lively Prosecco DOC is dedicated to a joyful approach to consumption, making it ideal for a comprehensive dining experience centered around harmony and convivial enjoyment.

On the olfactory front, this Prosecco presents itself generously and vibrantly, with well-balanced citrus notes and undertones of green fruits like apple and peach, complemented by a carefully crafted floral essence.

In the palate, the freshness intensifies, featuring excellent acidity and a delicately balanced body, harmoniously buoyed by a clearly defined perlage.

The pairing possibilities are abundant. In our view, they all cater to moments of celebration or conviviality, ranging from seafood finger foods to a medley of fried fish, or even as an accompaniment to a superb seafood-infused risotto. Nonetheless, as is customary with this Prosecco, it’s best to begin by welcoming friends with an aperitif. It possesses a distinct and robust character, with that touch of tranquility that Prosecco always manages to impart.

Company Profile

Prosecco Superiore DOCG Costaruél wine comes from the sinergy between the know-how of the Lovadinas and their love for the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area, a precious jewel set in the heart of the Treviso Province and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2019. Since 2007 Gianni and Mirco have been sharing the emotion of capturing and enhancing the typical aromas and flavours of Glera grapes expressing the tradition of the the land where they originate. With energy, passion and a constant focus on quality, they fulfill their dream of spreading Prosecco taste and culture together with the value of Made in Italy. All processing equipment and methods allow us to operate in accordance with the most modern standards respecting the traditions of one of the most highly acclaimed wine-producing regions of Italy.

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