Mandrarossa has emerged as a significant presence in Sicily, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality rooted in the vineyard and showcased across diverse international markets. Their approach involves innovation through meticulous study of their production terrain, leveraging skilled agronomists and oenologists. This ensures ongoing and inventive enhancement of their research on various grape varieties. This encapsulates Mandrarossa’s ethos; it epitomizes the essence of the “Cavadiserpe” wine tasted today—a blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Alicante Bouschet. The graceful, velvety qualities of Mandrarossa’s Merlot intermingle with the robust, deep structures of another grape variety, accentuated by its rich hue.

This gives rise to a wine that, benefiting from eight months in barrels, presents a vibrant, luminous ruby red in the glass with violet tinges. It exudes fresh aromas of cherry, blackberry, and Mediterranean vegetation, alongside a delicate hint of mint. Notably, it carries distinct notes of sweet cocoa, leather, and green pepper on the palate, culminating in a wine of remarkable authenticity and character. The Cavadiserpe from Mandrarossa excels in its overall balance, a standout feature.

We complemented this wine with baked stuffed pasta containing meat; however, it also complements cheese omelettes, radicchio, or roasted game dishes. Once again, the recognition is bestowed upon innovation borne from tradition and steadfastness.

Company Profile

Created in 1999 thanks to a study that lasted over 20 years, which led to selecting the best variety/terroir combinations: the ideal habitats that allow each grape variety to fully express its potential. The Mandrarossa wines are the result of constant research and experimentations towards innovation. For this reason, they represent a different Sicily, unlike its stereotypes. From the hills of the south-eastern coast that reach the sea, to Etna’s black sands, Mandrarossa researches the best habitats that allow each cultivar to fully express its potential. The study about the behavior of the varieties and the intense micro-vinification activities were carried out leading to the introduction of new wines into the product line over time, some of which, unique for the Sicilian panorama.

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