In ancient times, Greek wines were known all over the world, and ancient Greek conquerors introduced the vine (and most importantly, the worship of wine) to all the places where they arrived. The spread from those locations was vast, and the effects are still alive and deeply rooted in the many civilizations “touched” by the Greeks, as in the case of Sicily. This old vine, ennobled by Mandrarossa and found in several Sicilian designations, provides a wine that is nothing short of contemporary and distinctive.

Mandrarossa’s Grecanico Dorato has a vibrant and vivid color, with golden tones contrasting against the straw-yellow contour.

It’s an explosion of citrus fruit and subtle spicy overtones, with a lot of white pulp in the fruit that’s nicely articulated on the nose and leaves an appealing flowery backdrop.

Mandrarossa’s Grecanico has a mineral and savory flavor that is well represented in the mouth, and it is harmonious as a whole with this fresh yet distinct taste.

Its structure is very long on the palate, full of broad and well-defined aromas.

With this Grecanico Dorato, the Mandrarossa company offers the international markets a true standard-bearer for the island.

There are several possible pairings, ranging from fish appetizers to steamed shellfish; we tried it with a short pasta with sea bream, cherry tomatoes, and courgettes, with Sicilian lemon zest added on top to complement the pleasantness of this Grecanico.

Company Profile

Created in 1999 thanks to a study that lasted over 20 years, which led to selecting the best variety/terroir combinations: the ideal habitats that allow each grape variety to fully express its potential. The Mandrarossa wines are the result of constant research and experimentations towards innovation. For this reason, they represent a different Sicily, unlike its stereotypes. From the hills of the south-eastern coast that reach the sea, to Etna’s black sands, Mandrarossa researches the best habitats that allow each cultivar to fully express its potential. The study about the behavior of the varieties and the intense micro-vinification activities were carried out leading to the introduction of new wines into the product line over time, some of which, unique for the Sicilian panorama.

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