The geological composition of this area of Puglia provides the exquisite vines of Masseria Altemura with the qualitative symphony found in this white wine, which is part of a range that also includes a rosé variant.

The mineral note is perfectly completed by the strength of the Altemura calcarenites, which are a vital component of the soil, and the mix used for the version tasted in white is another testimony of the farmers’ grasp of the soils’ particular qualities. It is a wine that exudes passion and dedication: the subtleties of its color are so vivid and dazzling that it leaves genuinely engulfing golden reflections in the glass.

A very alluring delicate minerality is revealed on the nose when the fresh note of the relatively early-harvested grapes is combined with a flowery breadth and fresh fruit.

The Fiano grapes, mixed with a little proportion of Moscato, produce tropical notes on the nose, which are subsequently confirmed on the tongue in a delicately harmonious manner.

The sip concludes with a lengthy and mineral aftertaste, revealing a full and extremely delicate acidity; clearly a white wine of absolute prestige.

The estate technicians deserve credit, especially Dr. Antonio Cavallo, who has been in charge of this oasis of quality’s production sector for many years with the remarkable insight of someone who fully comprehends it.

The pairings for Zìnzula Bianco are all directed at fresh and sunny raw materials, ranging from crab and mollusk salads to fish first courses; similarly, a glass for an aperitif is also a fantastic way to welcome guests.

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Masseria Altemura is situated in the heart of Salento, halfway between the Ionian and Adriatic Seas. It boasts a unique terroir, due to the extraordinary light, fresh perennial breezes from the two seas and land characterized by predominantly white calcareous stones and the red soil of Salento. The Estate is located within the Primitivo di Manduria DOC appellation, in the countryside of Torre Santa Susanna, and consists of an ancient 17th century farmhouse (Masseria), a winery – designed in accordance with the principles of green architecture – and the marvellous vineyards that surround it.

Masseria Altemura
Strada Provinciale, 69
Torre Santa Susanna, BR 72028 IT
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