The beauty of this ancient Apulian masseria captivates the visitor’s gaze, a true example of meticulous attention to detail and high-level hospitality. This setting enhances the experience of tasting wines with a strong identity, deep respect for the territory, and distinctive charm.

The Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2021 tasted today is a flagship of this winery, representing a seamless blend of history and modernity (the first Primitivo vine was planted here in 1881).

The color of this wine is a bold and vibrant red, showing brilliance at the rim of the glass, which, when swirled, releases all the frank and broad notes of this grape variety.

Its aging in French Tonneau barrels and partly in concrete tanks undoubtedly contributes to a balanced overall impression starting from the olfactory impact, with notes of noble wood and a mix of red fruit jams. The generous fragrance of aromatic Mediterranean shrub plants adds a blend of character and brightness.

On the palate, it is full and enveloping, never excessive, finely structured and full-bodied, with a lingering finish that is hard to forget.

This Primitivo di Manduria Doc is both a modern and traditional wine, ideal for savoring dishes typical of the tradition, accompanied by excellent extra virgin olive oil from ancient olive trees at Masseria Cuturi, but also suitable for pairing with mountain cheeses, grilled lamb, and savory pies.

Congratulations to Masseria Cuturi, a true haven of well-being for the soul.

Company Profile

Masseria Cuturi is a property spanning approximately 300 hectares located in the area of the municipality of Manduria (Taranto), in the heart of Salento. To date, 40 hectares of vineyards are devoted to the cultivation of native grape varieties including Primitivo, Negroamaro, Aglianico, and Minutolo, benefiting from the microclimate of the ancient Cuturi forest, a protected natural reserve on the eastern Taranto coast. A single plot, near the Ionian Sea, is preserved and protected by dry stone walls that delineate the different parcels where ancient clones of Primitivo have been planted, each with unique characteristics. The typically karstic soils, fairly deep but rich in skeletal material, vary in composition from darker, clayey soils to lighter lands with veins of marine rocks rich in fossils from the Cretaceous Jurassic era. To preserve organic matter and microbiological fertility, grasses, brassicas, and legumes are sown among the rows in accordance with organic farming practices aimed at preserving natural organic matter and biodiversity.

MASSERIA CUTURI – SP137, 74024, Manduria, TA – 3275413956

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